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Radio Mirchi Music Award

Not findind any partner Than got rishi Golden Pass Escort to chair Fourth Row Photo with Baba Shegal Sonu and Shaan Anchoring Sunidhi chauhan By Pass Rishi Kapoor Near by but camera doesn’t have flash Akshay Kumar photo with more … Continue reading

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Blob Vs Text Mysql

TINYBLOB: Blob means a Binary Large OBject. You should use blobs for case sensitive searches.

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Ext Js Data Model

In ExtJs a Proxy is responsible for loading and saving data from some source.   Defining Proxies directly on a Model is a new approach in version 4 β€” its main benefit is that we can easily load and save … Continue reading

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using jsonp for other domain call

<?php $arr = array (‘a’=>1,’b’=>2,’c’=>3,’d’=>4,’e’=>5); $json = json_encode($arr); $callback = $_GET[callback]; echo $callback . ‘(‘ . $json . ‘)’; ?>

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regular expression test

good link for testing regular expression πŸ™‚

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to see ip address in ubuntu


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installing php curl

apt-get install php5-curl apache2ctl graceful OR apache2ctl restart

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Basic installation of PHP_CodeSniffer

Basic installation of PHP_CodeSniffer ΒΆ Make sure you have the PEAR pacage installed. If not, a simple command like apt-get install php-pear should be enough to get it. Now execute pear install PHP_CodeSniffer

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Changes in code

Hi , If you change in the function parameter ,then it will be effect the code where that function is being called .:) Getting absolute path of the current script: <?php dirname(__FILE__) ?>  

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installing twiki

for copy files use cp twikiconf.txt twiki.conf IncludeFile in http.conf doest contain “” check it πŸ™‚ and perl exist in user/bin/perl5.10.1 its not in user/share/perl πŸ™‚ On command line befor y/ n read please what is the operation, apt-get upgrade … Continue reading

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