JsonStore Vs Ext.data.Store

You Need to give proxy with Ext.data.Store but in json store you don’t need the Proxy

// create the data store
 var store = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
 // store configs
 autoDestroy: true,
 autoLoad :true,
 url: 'api/index.php?_command=getresellers',
 storeId: 'getresellers',
 // reader configs
 root: 'cityarray',
 idProperty: 'cityname',
 fields: ['cityname' ,'totfollowup' ,'totcallback' ,'totnotintrested' ,'totdealsclosed' ,'totcallsreceived' ,'totcallsentered' ,'totresellerregistered' ,
 'countiro' ,'irotransferred' ,'irodeferred' ]
 var customer = new  Ext.data.Store({
 proxy: new Ext.data.HttpProxy({
 url: 'api/index.php?_command=getresellers'
 reader: new Ext.data.JsonReader({ },
 {name: 'cityname'},
 {name: 'totfollowup'},
 {name: 'totcallback'},
 {name: 'totnotintrested'},
 {name: 'totdealsclosed'},
 {name: 'totcallsreceived'},
 {name: 'totcallsentered'},
 {name: 'totresellerregistered'},
 {name: 'countiro'},
 {name: 'irotransferred'},
 {name: 'irodeferred'}









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