making the object oriented code in node.js

making the class circle: the name of the file will be circle.js

var PI = 3.14;

exports.area = function (r) {
  return PI * r * r;

exports.circumference = function (r) {
  return 2 * PI * r;

we can also use this in place of exports here .

for running the function of this class :

var circle = require('./circle');
console.log( 'The area of a circle of radius 4 is '+ circle.area(4));
console.log( 'The circumference of a circle of radius 4 is '+ circle.circumference(4));

we can also make a class like this

in circle .js

var Circle = function (radius) {
 this.radius = radius

Circle.PI = 3.14

Circle.prototype = {
 area: function () {
 return Circle.PI * this.radius * this.radius

exports.Circle = Circle

and in foo.js

var circle = require('./oop')
var c = new circle.Circle(5)




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