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using redis

This is a complete Redis client for node.js. It supports all Redis commands, including MULTI, WATCH, and PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE. For portability, a pure JavaScript reply parser is used by default. Pieter Noordhuis has provided a binding to the official hiredis C … Continue reading

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making slidshare presentation with

Ref : the git code . removig control bar code

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online indentation

online html code indentation indentation online javascript code indentation indentation

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how to check visibility of a div in jquery

if ($(‘#element_id:visible’).length > 0) console.log(‘the element is visible’); else console.log(‘the element is not visible’);   Ref :

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Making singleton class and sending event to the class in javascript

e.g. I want to send login event that other class will execute when he recieve that event so . For that I will send and on property with the send data like this :           request.on = {                 login: … Continue reading

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To change particular model data in collection in backbone.js

Collection Defination Contents = Backbone.Collection.extend({     model : Content,   initialize: function(models, args) {         console.log(‘in contents’+this.length);     },   content: function(objectid) {     return this.filter(function(content){ return content.get(‘objectid’)==objectid; });   } }); To change the model data  var … Continue reading

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How to make big application in Backbone.js

To add the data to collection and we can see the list in firebug . App.Contents = new App.Backbone.Contents(data); Ref : making the global  variable like this. Add the collection variable in the app initialize to add in the … Continue reading

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production vs development


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html5 sending message from one frame to another of cross domain

Ref :

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Pass value from iframe to parent

Ref :

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