Making singleton class and sending event to the class in javascript

e.g. I want to send login event that other class will execute when he recieve that event so .

For that I will send and on property with the send data like this :

          request.on = {
                login: function(data) {    
                    console.log('the login event is occurend so we are executing that ');
          //and we can send this request to the singleton file

and if we don’t want send in the request we can make a default handle and pass them in the init of singleton class and this init  will be called from the mycurrentclass  in the init of this ,like this .

        'on': {
          ,'disconnect':function() {
           console.log('Oops we got disconnected...will try to re-connect in 5 seconds');

in the singletonclass init we will add all the events in the config variable  like this .

singletonclass ={
      'on': { // default event handlers
init : function(options) {
      // set default handlers
      for (event in options.on) {

what we sent in the request.on we will maintain the queue in the singletonclass

so the recieve method of singleton class will be like this :

    if (response.queueno>0 && this.sentqueue[response.queueno-1] && typeof(this.sentqueue[response.queueno-1].on[response.event])=='function') {
          console.log('in iif ');
      } else {
          console.log('in else ');
          if (this.config.on[response.event]) {
          } else {

this way the event will be called by the singleton class , singleton class is not depeneded on mycurrentclass what the event mycurrentclass send singleton class  will execute that event .

Ref :


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