using redis

This is a complete Redis client for node.js. It supports all Redis commands, including


For portability, a pure JavaScript reply parser is used by default. Pieter Noordhuis has provided a binding to the official hiredis C library, which is non-blocking and fast. To use hiredis, do:

npm install hiredis redis 

REDIS : Remote dictionary server.

Nice tutorial

the main site : you can see commands in documentation .

to install redis : and running server

var redis = require("redis"),
    client = redis.createClient();

    client.set("foo_rand000000000000", "some fantastic value");
    client.get("foo_rand000000000000", function (err, reply) {
    client.set(["some key", "some val"]);
    client.set(["some other key", "some val"]);
    client.get("some key", function (err, reply) {
  client.hmset("hosts", "mjr", "1", "another", "23", "home", "1234");
  client.hgetall("hosts", function (err, obj) {
client.mset(["test keys 1", "test val 1", "test keys 2", "test val 2"], function (err, res) {


How to run redis command line

SRC> ./redis-cli

to run server

src> ./redis-server

Ref :


Ref :


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