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Using XML RPC in wordpress

install wordpress.   install xml rpc in php5 , in the below link search package commands looks good. apt-cache search xmlrpc|grep php used the above example in link in wordpress and itworked we are able to post and run … Continue reading

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how to check version and distribution of linux system

cat /etc/issue lsb_release -a Ref :

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How to extract or make a tar or zip file in ubuntu

for extracting tar wget tar xzvf lame-3.98.4.tar.gz cd lame-3.98.4 for making a tar . tar -zcvf prog-1-jan-2005.tar.gz /home/jerry/prog Ref :         Unzip To unzip files, you need to have a command called unzip. To install unzip … Continue reading

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how to install fmpeg

in step 2 unable to locate libfaac dev in step 3 ./configure –enable-static // found no assembler there is problem in checkinstall , and make . configure in many steps install checkinstall command first install yasm assembler installing of x264 … Continue reading

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implementing ineheritance in javascript and how inheritance is implemented in a language

understanding javascript with node.js   Ref :

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how to handle closure in node.js

server.getchannel are closures over the i variable (well, over everything in scope, but it’s i we’re concerned with). They get an enduring reference to i, not a copy of its value as of when the function was created. That means when the function runs, it uses the current value of i, not the … Continue reading

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Redis data types The supported data types are: Strings Lists Sets Sorted Sets Hashes multi command to execute multiple operations : just like innodb transactions for storing multi level hashes in redis , we convert the multilevel hashes in the … Continue reading

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what is directx

As ie 9 is not supported on xp . due to it uses direct2d which is only supported in vista and 7.   so direct x is Microsoft DirectX (all versions) is a set of application program interfaces that allows … Continue reading

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how to fetch all the users key in redis node client

in command line you can fetch by command : keys users* in node client client.keys(“users*”, function (err, replies) {   console.log(replies.length + ” replies:”);   replies.forEach(function (reply, i) {     console.log(”    ” + i + “: ” + reply);   … Continue reading

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adding users array in redis client of node.js

    var redis = require(“redis”),     client = redis.createClient(); user_rahul = {      username: ‘rahul’    }; user_namita = {   username: ‘namita’ }; client.hmset(‘users.rahul’, user_rahul); client.hmset(‘users.namita’, user_namita); var username = “rahul”; // From a POST perhaps client.hgetall(“users”+username , … Continue reading

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