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Installing node.js on ubuntu

Installing node.js on ubutnu step 3a ) Installing on Unix (including BSD and Mac) sudo apt-get install git git clone git:// to install particular version we want the stable one. cd node git checkout v0.4.11 # optional.  Note that … Continue reading

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Finding the file by name

sudo find / -name -print finding a directory by name find / -name ‘httpdocs’ -type d Ref :    

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setting proxy for wget working in vpn

vi /etc/wgetrc http_proxy=http://http-proxy.server:8080 use_proxy=on   Ref :

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using vi editor

E37: No write since last change (add ! to override) use :q! Command Summary STARTING vi vi filename edit a file named “filename” vi newfile create a new file named “newfile” ENTERING TEXT i insert text left of cursor a … Continue reading

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Listing of record types in lily

              Ref :

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Mongo db

Checked a lot GUI for Mongodb , finally PHP one worked but needed to install some prerequisite like mongo db driver and etc. show collection command shows the all the collection on mongodb. phpmoadmin  worked well . Installing mogo db … Continue reading

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Virtual Private Network

Accessing internet on VPN is configured on the server , so if you are conected to VPN then it is not necessary that you will only be able to connect to the internet if it is allowed on the VPN … Continue reading

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how to use boot strap css framework

Include these files . <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””&gt; <link href=”; rel=”stylesheet”> <link href=”; rel=”stylesheet”> <script src=””></script&gt; Ref :      

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Hbase supported data type

HBase supports a “bytes-in/bytes-out” interface via Put and Result, so anything that can be converted to an array of bytes can be stored as a value. Input could be strings, numbers, complex objects, or even images as long as they can rendered as … Continue reading

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Writing Terms Query for auto suggest in solr

Solr is opensource search platform. http://localhost:8983/solr/terms?terms.fl=documentname&terms.prefix=gui&indent=true&terms=true&terms.sort=index Ref :

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