setting git

Setting Git :
Step 1
Check for SSH keys. Have an existing key pair? You can skip to Step 4.
First, we need to check for existing ssh keys on your computer:

$ cd ~/.ssh
Step 2
Add your SSH key to GitHub.
On the GitHub site Click “Account Settings” > Click “SSH Public Keys” > Click “Add another public key”

Open the file with a text editor (Notepad, TextEdit, or gedit will do just fine). This is your public SSH key. You may need turn on “view hidden files” to find it because the .ssh directory is hidden. It’s important you copy your SSH key exactly as it is written without adding any newlines or whitespace. Now paste it into the “Key” field.

Step 3
Test everything out.
To make sure everything is working you’ll now SSH to GitHub. Don’t change the “” part. That’s supposed to be there.

$ ssh -T

4 .Set your username and email.
5. Set your GitHub token.

Ref :



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