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Mental Clarity Or Focus

  To strengthen yourself you need to have mental clarity or focus. That is possible if there is not so much of excessive thought, so as to generate clouds of unhappiness, suffering, grief, indecision, doubts and negativity – thoughts that … Continue reading

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medicines which helps in quit smoking .. zyban, chantix,   Nicotine is Highly Addictive Smoking really is a terrible habit. Smoking cessation is a process, not an event. I have been drinking a lot of water, sucking on lollipops and … Continue reading

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Can Your Team Pass The Elevator Test?

What are you working on? I’m fixing the sort order on this datagrid. Why are you working on that? Because it’s on the bug list. Why is it on the bug list? Because one of the testers reported it as … Continue reading

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Linux Tar & UnTar untar .gz file tar xzvf tarname.tar.gz untar .tar file tar -xvf filename.tar tar a folder and sub folders tar -cvvf foo.tar foo/ Finding files sudo find / -name ‘filename’ -type d Service Running on Particular Port … Continue reading

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Socket.IO Connect   var io = require(‘’).listen(80); io.sockets.on(‘connection’, function (socket) { socket.on(‘message’, function (data) { console.log(data); }); }); on message need to parse and on send stringify. Managing Log Level   io.set(‘log level’, 1); Maintaining connection of same user with … Continue reading

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Python Class __init__(self) The instantiation operation (“calling” a class object) creates an empty object. Many classes like to create objects with instances customized to a specific initial state. Therefore a class may define a special method named __init__(), like this: … Continue reading

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Apache Enable ReWrite a2enmod rewrite install wsgi apt-get install libapache2-mod-wsgi permission denied errro solved by moving django folder to some user from root folder i think it can be also solved by assigning sudo to www-data Rewrite rule … Continue reading

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Mysql   mysql command line access mysql -u root -p Import and Export table mysqldump -u root -p dev_vclub member_routesfares > member_routesfares_dev.txt mysql -u root -p demo_vclub_sprint4 < member_routesfares_dev.txt Transfer to other host tar -cvf demo_vclub_sprint4.tar demo_vclub_sprint4.sql wget reading

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Programming   The older I get, the more I believe that the only way to become a better programmer is by not programming. You have to come up for air, put down the compiler for a moment, and take stock … Continue reading

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back bone

Backbone.js   To declare User model :   App.Backbone.User = Backbone.Model.extend(); In above line i am assigning the Backbone model to App.Backbone.User variable . To declare User Collection :   we assign the model.   we bind the add and … Continue reading

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