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To declare User model :


App.Backbone.User = Backbone.Model.extend();

In above line i am assigning the Backbone model to App.Backbone.User variable .

To declare User Collection :


  • we assign the model.


  • we bind the add and remove event to collection
App.Backbone.Users = Backbone.Collection.extend({
model : App.Backbone.User,
initialize: function(models, args) {
this.bind(‘add’, this.renderone);
this.bind(‘remove’, this.destroy); },
var view = new App.Backbone.UserView({model: user});
var view = new App.Backbone.UserCardView({model: user});
  • add event is bind with renderone function
  • remove event with destroy funciton.
  • we can render more than one view while adding .

initialise the Collection  of user

App.Users = new App.Backbone.Users();

add user in collection.


var data ={id:’rahul’, username:rahul,firstname:’Rahul’};

at this point automatically view will be rendered as we bind the add event in collection above.

remove a model



so on remove view will also remove

User View


App.Backbone.UserView = Backbone.View.extend({
tagName: ‘li’,
className: ‘pp-entry group’,
template :_.template(‘<h6><%=username%></h6>’), // very simple can be complex
initialize: function() {
_.bindAll(this, ‘render’);
this.model.bind(‘change’, this.render); // on any change in model the view will render again
this.model.view = this;
“click .addtowallet”:”addlinktowallet”,
// Re-render the contents of the Card item.
render: function() {



  • model is binded with the change event , so on every change in model will render the view again automatically.

update a model

var data ={id:’rahul’, username:rahul,firstname:’Rahul’,lastname:’mehta’};
  • the view also render due to change event in view.




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