Starting Server


  • In redis home directory run below command
    • nohup ./redis-server &


Geting All Keys

keys *

Deleting Data


Data Types


  • users is stored as hash
  • channel is  hash
  • buffer as string to store events the (multi level hash)


users is stored as hash



  • For getting all users list in redis cli
    • KEYS users*
  • For getting particular user data
    • hgetall users.amitab




  • deleting particular user
    • del users.rahul
  • To delete a particular key field in below example we are deleting _ command from hash users.amitab
    • hdel users.amitab  _command




  • for each gib there is two channel ,  ouside and inside.
  • the structure of  channels in redis : the channels has users key , which is the comma seperated users list which are presents in the channel
  • so for checking we need to split the comma separated list into an array  and perform the operations and then again save the comma separated list.




  • keys channels*
  • hgetall channels.7-O



  • deleting particular channel


  • del channels.7-O

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Hi, I am Rahul Meha , B.E. in (I.T.)
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