smoking 3

But for me the greatest joy of being free was not the health, the money, the
energy, or the ending of the slavery, it was the removal of those sinister black shadows, the removal of feeling despised(tiriskrat) by and feeling apologetic(sharminda) to non-smokers, and most of all to be able to respect yourself.

I loathed(grana) myself for being dependent on an evil weed that I knew was ruining my life. I cannot tell you of the utter joy of being free of those sinister black shadows, the dependency and the self-despising.

It is an accepted fact in our society that it is very difficult to stop smoking. Even books advising you how to do so usually start off by telling you how difficult it is. The truth is that it is ridiculously easy. Yes, I can understand your questioning that statement, but just consider it.

The probable result after a period of torture is the compromise I’ll cut down’ or
‘I’ve picked the wrong time’ or I’ll wait until the stress has gone from my life.’




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Hi, I am Rahul Meha , B.E. in (I.T.)
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