smoking 4

Junkie thinking..

Mine was that I would quit when things settled down.
Mine was always the stressful job (worked for attorneys)  having a smoke had less consequences than whacking the boss with a judge’s gavel.
“i smoke when i got bored”  Of course I was bored, smoking is a very boring thing to do! Bring object to mouth…puff…repeat ad nauseum!
we actually think we are doing something when smoking, so we rationalise we are not doing nothing, we are having a smoke.
” I enjoy” smoking.
Everyone needs one bad thing to do. I don’t want to be too pure.
I felt it was everyone else’s fault I smoked…. they stressed me out, or made me mad, or sad, or they were funny and I needed a laugh and a smoke….
Ye Gods…. it is so easy to blame anyone and everything for addiction…. when I accepted the pure fact that I was an addict and I was responsible for my own actions….
I turned the corner and am marching forward…..

Then: My parents told me not to – aka I had to be the rebel
Now: I wish I would have listened to them 30 years ago

Then: It tastes good
Now: it smells nasty

Then: Nothing like coffee & cigarette in the morning
Now: hold me baby, I’m randy!!  😉

Then: I would rather not go there (place I couldn’t smoke)
Now: free to go wherever I want & not feel like I want to leave early

Then: I’m stressed, I need a smoke
Now: I’m stressed, but an happy not to need a smoke

Then: thought it was a socially bonding
Now: realized smokers are in exile

Then: I’m not that addicted. I can smoke as much as I want.
Now: I am STILL an addict, but am SO HAPPY that I no longer NEED to smoke.

I figured no one cared, so why should I.

we’ll this is probably going to kill me(coughed nonstop!) but at least I’ll die happy!

What smoking does to me , i was having problem of vomiting since last 3 years and done lot of tests and medical checkups , waste lot of money , but not able to find why is this , this all was because of acidity developed due to smoking ,

And i was also having sore throats due to this acidity  i was not able to enjoy eating properly food because of acidity problem , mostly i east rice dal,

other problems like headache etc. solved , and looking forward for better health in future , don’t want to touch with addiction in future ,

what the hell addiction ..

Use the list of suggestions below to get yourself back on track:
– Write out a list of reasons for quitting.
– Educate yourself.
– Get support.
– Apply yourself just one simple day at a time.
– Accept yourself.

I made excuses not to go places or do things with nonsmoking friends and relatives. I was perfectly happy to be left alone so I could smoke all I wanted out on my patio.
I did not want to be around a bunch of uptight people who didn’t approve of smoking. I would rather smoke and be a social outcast.
so I became very good at being selfish and doing as I pleased.
By now I had a typical smoker’s cough in the morning and when I laughed or talked a lot.
I was getting scared about my health, but not that scared, and I still wanted to smoke.

My days are divided into two parts: smoking and waiting for my next smoke.

tell yourself you are strong and you will not smoke no matter what you will come through this bad time

I have tried to forget that I personally spent 20 years as a slave to nicotine. I have tried not to forget, however, the chains which bound me, and the hopelessness I experienced as an addict. I have tried not to forget the compulsion to suck poisons into my lungs, nor the knowledge that I was harming myself with every puff. I have tried not to forget the helpless horror one feels when you’re a prisoner of your own addiction. I have tried not to forget how horribly, terribly in denial you are even in the midst of the addiction. Am I masochistic in the remembrance? Nope. I simply feel that, by remembering my own weakness, I can treat with more respect those who are still ensnared. Those who come here every day need us to remember that vulnerability that has caused them to seek out the forums and to respect the frailty of their realization that they need support in quitting.

being addicted to cigarettes is like walking a dog that pulls you along.  pulls you outside to the smoking area, pulls you away from friends, pulls you away from family – demanding to go in a direction to feed the beast not necessarily in the direction you want to go.

You never win 🙂 So now I just switch off my retional brain and just keep doing what I’m doing, without counter-arguing the ‘just one puff’ urge. And it miraculously goes away 🙂

Weeks 1 to 6: 1 piece every 1 to 2 hours
Weeks 7 to 9: 1 piece every 2 to 4 hours
Weeks 10 to 12: 1 piece every 4 to 8 hours

The craves are coming…well, some are just little quick thouhts, but the tough ones are the ones that feel ONLY a cigarette will take them away.
But they go too, and the fine thing is that I often feel really relaxed after.

I still feel really positive and i remind myself how long it took even to get into this MINDSET.

Get it clear in your head that the cigarette is not relieving your nerves; it is slowly but steadily
destroying them. One of the great gains of breaking the habit is the return of your confidence and

because the more you
go into the drug, the more it knocks you down and the less it restores you when you smoke.


The sore is what makes us close our minds to all
these things. It’s that panic feeling of ‘I want a cigarette.’ Non-smokers don’t suffer from that
feeling. The worst thing we ever suffer from is fear, and the greatest gain you will receive is to be
rid of that fear.

Smoking is a chain reaction and a chain for life.
If you do not break that chain, you will remain a smoker for the rest of your life.


The trouble is, YOU DON’T KNOW
HOW LONG THE FUSE IS. Every time that you light a cigarette you are one step nearer to the

It won’t happen unless you make it happen.

yet every smoker
has that choice every day of his life. Why doesn’t he opt for it? The answer is fear. The fear that he
cannot stop or that life won’t be the same without it.

1. There is nothing to give up. There are only marvelous positive gains to achieve.
2 Never see the odd cigarette. It doesn’t exist. There is only a lifetime of filth and disease,
3 There is nothing different about you. Any smoker can find it easy to stop.

Many smokers believe that they are confirmed smokers or have addictive personalities. I
promise you there is no such thing. No one needs to smoke before they become hooked on the
drug. It is the drug that hooks you and not the nature of your character or personality. That is the
effect of these drugs, they make you believe that you have an addictive personality. However, it is
essential that you remove this belief, because if you believe that yo u are dependent on nicotine,
you will be, even after the little nicotine monster inside your body is dead. It is essential to
remove all of the brainwashing.

Never forget:
*No smoker ever decided to become a smoker casual or otherwise,therefore:
* All smokers feel stupid, therefore:
* All smokers have to lie to themselves and other people in a vain
attempt to justify their stupidity.

.I am trying to stay more focussed on why NOT to smoke then focussing on why I need to smoke.

The real trap is the belief that now isn’t the right time – it will always be easier tomorrow.

Responsibility becomes stressful only when you don’t feel strong enough to handle it.
We confuse responsibility with stress.

Remember, he is not enjoying it;
it’s just that he cannot enjoy himself without it.

Understand your enemy. Know his tactics, and you will easily defeat him.

Up to then, whenever I failed, I had consoled myself with the thought that it would be easier
next time.

I then said to myself: ’Allen, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. YOU HAVE SMOKED

The beautiful truth is: IT IS EASY TO STOP SMOKING. It is only the indecision
and moping about it that makes it difficult.

Therefore the key to making it easy is to make stopping certain and final. Not to hope but to know
you have kicked it, having made the decision. Never to doubt or question it. In fact, just the reverse –
always to rejoice about it.

1 Realize that you can achieve it. There is nothing different about you, and the only person who
can make you smoke that next cigarette is you.

2 There is absolutely nothing to give up. On the contrary, there are enormous positive gains to be
made, I do not only mean you will be healthier and richer. I mean you will enjoy the good times
more and be less miserable during the bad times.

3 Get it clear in your head that there is no such thing as one cigarette. Smoking is a drug addiction
and a chain re action. By moaning about the odd cigarette you will only be punishing yourself

4 See the whole business of smoking not as a sociable habit that might injure you. but as drug
addiction. Face up to the fact that, whether you like it or not, YOU HAVE GOT THE
DISEASE. It will not go away because you bury your head in the sand. Remember: like
all crippling diseases, it not only lasts for life but gets worse and worse. The easiest time to cure
it is now.

5 Separate the disease (i.e. the chemical addiction) from the frame of mind of being a smoker or a
non-smoker. All smokers, if given the opportunity to go back to the time before they became
hooked, would jump at that opportunity. You have that opportunity today! Don’t even think
about it as ‘giving up’ smoking. When you have made the final decision that you have smoked
your last cigarette you will already be a non-smoker. A smoker is one of those poor wretches
who have to go through life destroying themselves with cigarettes. A non-smoker is someone
who doesn’t. Once you have made that final decision, you have already achieved your object.
Rejoice in the fact. Do not it moping waiting for the chemical addiction to go. Get out and
enjoy life immediately. Life is marvelous even when you are addicted to nicotine, and each day it
will get better when you aren’t.

If you have a feeling of doom and gloom, it will be for one of the following reasons.
1 Something has not gelled in your mind. Re-read the above five points, and ask yourself if you
believe them to be true. If you doubt any point, re-read the appropriate sections in the book.
2 You fear failure itself. Do not worry. Just read on. You will succeed. The whole business of
smoking is like a confidence trick on a gigantic scale. Intelligent people fall for confidence
tricks, but it is only a fool who, having once found out about the trick, goes on kidding himself.
3 You agree with everything, but you are still miserable. Don’t be! Open your eyes. Something
marvelous is happening. You are about to escape from the prison.

The smoker has got into the habit of
relieving his withdrawal pangs at certain times or occasions, which causes an association of ideas
(e.g. ‘I cannot enjoy a drink without a cigarette’). It may be easier to understand the effect with the
help of an example.

You have a car for a few years, and let’s say the indicator lever is on the left of the steering column.
On your next car it is on the right (the law of sod). You know it is on the right, but for a couple of
weeks you put the windscreen wipers on whenever you want to indicate.

Stopping smoking is similar. During the early days of the withdrawal period the trigger mechanism
will operate at certain times. You will think, ‘I want a cigarette.’ It is essential to counter the
brainwashing right from square one, then these automatic triggers will quickly disappear. Under the
Willpower Method, because the smoker believes he is making a sacrifice, is moping about it and is
waiting for the urge to smoke to go, far from removing these trigger mechanisms he is actually
increasing them.

A common trigger is a meal, particularly one at a restaurant with friends. The ex-smoker is already
miserable because he is being deprived of his cigarette. His friends light up and he feels even more
deprived. Now he is not enjoying the meal or what should be a pleasant social occasion. Because of his
association of the cigarette with the meal and the social occasion he is now suffering a triple blow,
and the brainwashing is actually being increased.
If he is resolute and can hold out long enough, he eventually accepts his lot and gets on with his life.

However, part of the brainwashing remains, and I
think the second most pathetic thing about smoking is the smoker who has given up for health or
money reasons, yet even after several years still craves a cigarette on certain occasions. He is pining
for an illusion that exists only in his mind and is needlessly torturing himself.

There is no need to be miserable. Cigarettes do not make meals or social occasions;
they ruin them.

Do not worry about withdrawal. The feeling itself isn’t bad. It is the association
with wanting a cigarette and then feeling denied that is the problem.

Instead of moping about it, say to yourself, ‘I know what it is. It’s the withdrawal pang from nicotine.
That’s what smokers suffer all their lives and that’s what keeps them smoking. Non-smokers do not
suffer these pangs. It is another of the many evils of this drug. Isn’t it marvelous I am purging this
evil from my body!’

You will be ridding yourself of an awful disease. That bonus will more than outweigh the slight trauma, and you
will actually enjoy the withdrawal pangs. They will become moments of pleasure.

Be prepared for these traps in advance. Whatever the temptation, get it into your mind
that it is: only there because of the monster inside your body, and every time you resist the temptation
you have dealt another mortal blow in the battle.


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