making own mvc framework in php

include these two classes will make

Request Class :


Class Request {

    private $_controller;
    private $_method;
    private $_args;

    public function __construct(){
       // echo "<pre>";
        $first_slash = strpos($str, '/');
        $second_slash = strpos($str, '/', $first_slash+1);
        $str = substr($str, $second_slash+1);
        $parts = explode('/',$str);

        $this->_controller = ($c = array_shift($parts))? $c: 'index';
        $this->_method = ($c = array_shift($parts))? $c: 'index';
        $this->_args = (isset($parts[0])) ? $parts : array();

    public function getController(){

        return $this->_controller;

    public function getMethod(){

        return $this->_method;

    public function getArgs(){

        return $this->_args;

Router Class :

Class Router{

    public static function route(Request $request){

        $controller = $request->getController().'Controller';

        $method = $request->getMethod();

        $args = $request->getArgs();

        $controllerFile = dirname(__FILE__).'/controllers/'.$controller.'.php';
            require_once $controllerFile;

            $controller = new $controller;


        throw new Exception('404 - '.$request->getController().'--Controller not found');

Call them in index.php  like this :

$request=new Request();

Creat controllers folder and first folder :

Class indexController {

    public function index() {
     // echo "index controoler callexd";
        include "views/auth/loginform.php";


.htaccess in root :

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule .*        index.php

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