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The Worst Nicotine Addict I Have Yet to Meet

  • There are only two reasons for failure with my method:

Fear in quitting:


  • Of Intermediate period of misery , deprivation,unsatisfied craving
  • Meal and social occasion will not be enjoyable…
  • Never able to concentrate , handle stress..or be as confident
  • Personality will change
  • We will never be free completely
  • Not right time to give up ..
  • Created by nicotine trap..


The easy method :

  • Why are we smokin?
  • Why difficulty in logical method?
  • The real problem is when you have one ciggarette in weak or storng momet or inebriated moment, because it is drug addiction you then want another..
  • All reasons of smoking make it harder because
  • 1. Sense of sacrifice
  • 2. They create the blind we don’t smoke for the reason..
  • Ask your self?
  • 1.What is it doing for me ?2 do I actually enjoy it ?
  • I really need to go throught life paying through the nose just to stick these things in my mouth and suffocate my self ..?
  • The beautiful truth is that it does abosolutely nothing for you atall
  • In fact you will realize that there is nothing to give up but there are marvelous , positive gains from being non smoker .., health , money
  • Once illusion that life will never be quite enjoyable is removed , once you realize that lifewill me more enjoyable..
  • Once the feeling of being deprived or of missing out are eradicted , then we can go back reconsider health and money and dozen of other reasons..
  • These realization will become positive additional aids to help you achieve to enjoy the whole of your life free from slavery of the weed ..

Why it is difficult to stop:

  • Problem is in explaining why it is diffcult to stop..
  • Infact problem is in explaining why anybody does it all ..
  • We can not beilieve that they are not enjoying cigg. Because 60% population does it ..
  • It is nicotine addiction..
  • They believe they are giving up a genuine pleasure or crutch .it is absolutely necessary to understand that you are giving up nothing what so ever.

4 The Sinister Trap


5 Why Do We Carry on Smoking?


6 Nicotine Addiction


  • There is no physical pain in the withdrawal from nicotine. It is merely an empty, restless feeling, the feeling of something missing, which is why many smokers think it is something to do with their hands. If it is prolonged, the smoker becomes nervous, insecure, agitated, lacking in confidence and irritable. It is like hunger – for a poison, NICOTINE,
  • It is a chain for life -UNLESS YOU BREAK IT.
  • Comparision with eating..
  • The only reason any smoker lights a cigarette is to try to end the empty, insecure feeling that the previous cigarette created.
  • Body say during first ciggrette .: ‘YOU ARE FEEDING ME POISON. STOP DOING IT:
  • Most smokers go all night without a cigarette. The withdrawal pangs do not even wake them up.


7 Brainwashing and the Sleeping Partner

  • Tv actors , tv adds , all these are tobococo companies brain washing ..
  • You need to start building resistance to this brainwashing . e..g buying second hand car , not believing , it neither reilieve bordeom nor give courage , all is illusions ..
  • We are going to start removing this brainwashing now. From this point on, no longer will we refer to ‘giving up’, but to stopping, quitting or the true position: ESCAPING!
  • The only thing that persuades us to smoke in the first place is all the other people doing it.

8 Relieving Withdrawal Pangs


  • As I explained earlier, smokers think they smoke for enjoyment, relaxation or some sort of boost. In fact, this an illusion. The actual reason is the relief of withdrawal pangs.
  • As already stated, smokers tend to relieve their withdrawal pangs at times of stress, boredom, concentration, relaxation or a combination of these.

9 Stress


  • E.g o f telephone call..
  • By the time the smoker reaches the stage at which it is killing him, he believes the cigarette is his courage and cannot face life without it.
  • Get it clear in your head that the cigarette is not relieving your nerves; it is slowly but steadily destroying them. One of the great gains of breaking the habit is the return of your confidence and self-assurance.

10 Boredom

  • The truth is that cigarettes tend to increase boredom indirectly because they make you feel lethargic, and instead of undertaking some energetic activity smokers tend to lounge around, bored,relieving their withdrawal pangs.

11 Concentration


  • Cigarettes do not help concentration. They help to ruin it because after a while, even while smoking a cigarette, the smoker’s withdrawal pangs cease to be completely relieved. The smoker then increases his intake, and the problem then increases.
  • Concentration is also affected adversely for another reason. The progressive blocking up of thearteries and veins with poisons starves the brain of oxygen. In fact, your concentration and inspiration will be greatly improved as this process is reversed.
  • If you believe that smoking is a genuine aid to concentration, then worrying about it will guarantee that you won’t be able to concentrate. It’s the doubting, not the physical withdrawal pangs, that causes the problem.


12 Relaxations

  • The truth is that the nicotine addict(the most unrelaxed person) can never be completely relaxed, and as you go through life it gets worse,


13 Combination Cigarettes

  • e.g. social functions, parties, weddings, meals in restaurants.(stressful and relaxing)
  • driving: leaving a tense situation like vising to doctor àrelaxing,driving àstress
    • while driving àconcentrate..,traffic jam àboring
    • cards: game àconcentrate ,if you are loosing àstressful, if not getting good hands à boring
      • while all this is going , you are suppose to be relaxing ..
      • chain smoking
      • These combination cigarettes are often special ones, the ones that we think we’ll miss most when we are contemplating stopping smoking. We think that life will never be quite as enjoyable again. In fact, it is the same principle at work: these cigarettes simply provide relief from withdrawal pangs,and at certain times we have greater need to relieve them than at others.
      • Let us make it quite clear. It is not the cigarette that is special; it is the occasion. Once we have removed the need for the cigarette, such occasions will become more enjoyable and the stressful situations less stressful.

      14 What am I Giving Up?

      • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The thing that makes it difficult for us to give up is fear. The fear that we are being deprived of our pleasure or prop. The fear that certain pleasant situations will never be quite the same again. The fear of being unable to cope with stressful situations.
      • Get it clear in your mind: CIGARETTES DO NOT FILL A VOID. THEY CREATE IT!
      • Cigarettes do not improve meals. They ruin them.
      • E.g. of sore and ointment..
      • The sore is what makes us close our minds to all these things. It’s that panic feeling(fear) of ‘I want a cigarette.’

      15 Self-imposed Slavery

      16 I’ll Save £x a Week

      • During the withdrawal period you may be tempted to have just one final cigarette. It will help you to resist the temptation if you remind yourself it will cost you £10,000 (or whatever your estimate is)!

      17 Health

      • This is the area where the brainwashing is the greatest. Smokers think they are aware of The health risks. They are not.
      • Smokers cannot allow themselves to think of the health risks. If they do, even the illusion of enjoying the ‘habit’ goes.



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