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Mysql   mysql command line access mysql -u root -p Import and Export table mysqldump -u root -p dev_vclub member_routesfares > member_routesfares_dev.txt mysql -u root -p demo_vclub_sprint4 < member_routesfares_dev.txt Transfer to other host tar -cvf demo_vclub_sprint4.tar demo_vclub_sprint4.sql wget reading

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mysql creating stored procedure

simple DELIMITER // CREATE PROCEDURE GetAllProducts()   BEGIN   SELECT *  FROM products;   END // DELIMITER ; CALL GetAllProducts(); adding argument DELIMITER $$ CREATE PROCEDURE CountOrderByStatus(         IN orderStatus VARCHAR(25),         OUT total INT)     BEGIN … Continue reading

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mysql working

* Parsing SQL statements * Opening, locking tables * Making SQL execution plans * Unlocking, closing tables   Ref :

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what should be lenght of email password username

password’ should be char(40) if you use SHA1 hashes.(Secure Hash Algorithm) How it is secure ? will check later . email’… use 255, you cannot know how long someone’s email address is. For the username I’d just use whatever your … Continue reading

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mysql_pconnect vs mysql_connect

However, if you read the manual page for mysql_pconnect it states: If PHP and MySQL are on the same server or local network, the connection time may be negligible, in which case there is no advantage to persistent connections.

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Blob Vs Text Mysql

TINYBLOB: Blob means a Binary Large OBject. You should use blobs for case sensitive searches.

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