grunt watch live reload file



module.exports = function(grunt) {
 pkg: grunt.file.readJSON("package.json"),
 jshint: {
 files: ["Gruntfile.js", "src/*.js"],
 options: {
 globals: {
 jQuery: true,
 console: true,
 module: true
 concat: {
 options: {
 stripBanners: true,
 banner: "/*! <%= %> - v<%= pkg.version %> - <%='yyyy-mm-dd') %> */\n",
 separator: "\n"
 js: {
 src: ["src/javascripts/main.js", "src/javascripts/**/*.js"],
 dest: "../app/assets/javascripts/application.js"
 less: {
 src: ["src/stylesheets/**/*.less"],
 dest: "../app/assets/stylesheets/application.less"
 watch: {
 js: {
 files: ["<%= jshint.files %>",'src/*.html'],
 tasks: ["jshint", "concat:js"],
 options: {
 livereload: true
 less: {
 files: ["<%= concat.less.src %>"],
 tasks: ["concat:less"],
 options: {
 livereload: true
grunt.registerTask("default", ["jshint", "concat"]);




 "name": "my-project-name",
 "version": "0.1.0",
 "devDependencies": {
 "grunt": "~0.4.1",
 "grunt-contrib": "",
 "grunt-contrib-jshint": "~0.6.3",
 "grunt-contrib-nodeunit": "~0.2.0",
 "grunt-contrib-watch": "~0.5.3",
 "grunt-contrib-uglify": "~0.2.2",
 "connect-livereload": "~0.3.0",
 "grunt-contrib-connect": "~0.5.0"



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simple crud on codeigniter


  `id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `name` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
  `gender` char(1) DEFAULT NULL,
  `dob` date DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

INSERT INTO `tbl_person` (`id`, `name`, `gender`, `dob`) VALUES
(1, 'henrihnr', 'm', '1985-09-09'),
(2, 'name_001', 'm', '1990-01-01'),
(3, 'name_002', 'f', '2000-01-01'),
(4, 'name_003', 'm', '2000-02-02'),
(5, 'name_005', 'f', '2000-04-04'),
(6, 'khushbu', 'f', '1983-08-10'),
(10, 'rahul mehta', 'm', '1983-05-16'),
(11, 'jatin', 'm', '1983-05-16');



<title>person add</title>
    <h1>Person add</h1><a href="/">list</a>
    <form name="add"   method="POST" action="insert">
<table border="1">
<td><input type="text" name="name"/></td>
<th>gender </th>
<td><input type="text" name="gender"/></td>
<th>dob </th>
<td><input type="text" name="dob"/></td>
<td><input type="submit"></td>
<td><input type="reset"></td>


<title>person edit</title>
    <h1>Person edit</h1><a href="/">list</a>
    <form name="add"   method="POST" action="/index.php/person/update">
            <input type="hidden" name="id" value="<?php echo $person[0]->id ?>">
<table border="1">
<td><input type="text" name="name" value="<?php echo $person[0]->name;?>"/></td>
<th>gender </th>
<td><input type="text" name="gender" value="<?php echo $person[0]->gender;?>"/></td>
<th>dob </th>
<td><input type="text" name="dob" value="<?php echo $person[0]->dob;?>"/></td>
<td><input type="submit"></td>
<td><input type="reset"></td>



<title>person list</title>
    <h1>Person list</h1><a href="/index.php/person/add">Add</a>
    <table border="1">
<th>gender </th>
<th>dob </th>
<th>edit </th>
<th>delete </th>
for($i=0; $i<count($persons);$i++) {
<td><?php echo $persons[$i]->name;?></td>
<td><?php echo $persons[$i]->gender;?></td>
<td><?php echo $persons[$i]->dob;?></td>
<td><a href="/index.php/person/edit/<?php echo $persons[$i]->id;?>">edit</a></td>
<td><a href="/index.php/person/delete/<?php echo $persons[$i]->id;?>" onclick="return confirm('are you sure to delete')">delete</a></td>
<?php }?>  


class Person extends CI_Controller {

    public function index()
    public function add()
        public function edit($id)
    public function insert()

        public function update()

          public function delete($id)






class PersonModel extends CI_Model {

    var $gender   = '';
    var $name = '';
    var $dob    = '';

    function __construct()
        // Call the Model constructor
    function get_last_ten_entries()
        $query = $this->db->get('tbl_person', 100);
        return $query->result();
    function get($id){
        echo $id;
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_person WHERE id = ?";

        $query =$this->db->query($sql, array($id)); 
         echo $this->db->last_query();
        return $query->result();

    function insert_entry()
        $this->name   = $_POST['name']; // please read the below note
        $this->gender = $_POST['gender'];
        $this->dob = $_POST['dob'];
        $this->db->insert('tbl_person', $this);

    function update_entry()
         $this->name   = $_POST['name']; // please read the below note
        $this->gender = $_POST['gender'];
        $this->dob = $_POST['dob'];

        $this->db->update('tbl_person', $this, array('id' => $_POST['id']));
    function delete_entry($id)

        $this->db->delete('tbl_person', array('id' => $id));







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setting virutal host on wamp apache codigniter

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin rahul@localhost
    ServerName mysite.lo
    DocumentRoot "C:/wamp1/www/ci/CodeIgniter_2.1.3"

<Directory "C:/wamp1/www/ci/CodeIgniter_2.1.3">
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


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Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 One-Page Website Template

.html file

<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- The new doctype -->
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
      <title>Coding A CSS3 &amp; HTML5 One Page Template | Tutorialzine demo</title>
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css" />
      <!-- Internet Explorer HTML5 enabling script: -->
      <!--[if IE]>
      <script src=""></script>
      <style type="text/css">
         .clear {
         zoom: 1;
         display: block;
      <section id="page">
      <!-- Defining the #page section with the section tag -->
         <!-- Defining the header section of the page with the appropriate tag -->
         <h1>Your Logo</h1>
         <h3>and a fancy slogan</h3>
            <!-- The nav link semantically marks your main site navigation -->
               <li><a href="#article1">Photoshoot</a></li>
               <li><a href="#article2">Sweet Tabs</a></li>
               <li><a href="#article3">Navigation Menu</a></li>
      <section id="articles">
         <!-- Article 1 start -->
         <!-- Dividing line -->
         <article id="article1">
            <!-- The new article tag. The id is supplied so it can be scrolled into view. -->
            <h2>Photoshoot Effect</h2>
                  <!-- The figure tag marks data (usually an image) that is part of the article -->
                  <a href="">
                  <img src="" width="620" height="340" /></a>
               <p>In this tutorial, we are creating a photo shoot effect with our just-released PhotoShoot jQuery plug-in. With it you can convert a regular div on the page into a photo shooting stage simulating a camera-like feel.</p>
               <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer luctus quam quis .... </p>
         <!-- Dividing line -->
         <article id="article2">
            <!-- The new article tag. The id is supplied so it can be scrolled into view. -->
            <h2>Photoshoot 2Effect</h2>
                  <!-- The figure tag marks data (usually an image) that is part of the article -->
                  <a href="">
                  <img src="" width="620" height="340" /></a>
               <p>In this tutorial, we are creating a photo shoot effect with our just-released PhotoShoot jQuery plug-in. With it you can convert a regular div on the page into a photo shooting stage simulating a camera-like feel.</p>
               <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer luctus quam quis .... </p>
         <!-- Dividing line -->
         <article id="article3">
            <!-- The new article tag. The id is supplied so it can be scrolled into view. -->
            <h2>Photoshoot Ef3fect</h2>
                  <!-- The figure tag marks data (usually an image) that is part of the article -->
                  <a href="">
                  <img src="" width="620" height="340" /></a>
               <p>In this tutorial, we are creating a photo shoot effect with our just-released PhotoShoot jQuery plug-in. With it you can convert a regular div on the page into a photo shooting stage simulating a camera-like feel.</p>
               <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer luctus quam quis .... </p>
         <!-- Article 1 end -->
            <!-- Marking the footer section -->
            <p>Copyright 2010 -</p>
            <!-- Change the copyright notice -->
            <a href="#">Go UP</a>
            <a href="">Template by Tutorialzine</a>
      <!-- Closing the #page section -->
      <!-- JavaScript Includes -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src="scrollto.js"></script>
      <script src="script.js"></script>

css file:

    /* Giving a display value to the HTML5 rendered elements: */

article .line{
    /* The dividing line inside of the article is darker: */
    margin:1.3em 0;

footer .line{
    margin:2em 0;

    background:url(img/gradient_light.jpg) repeat-x 50% 50% #f8f8f8;
    padding:0 5px;

    border:1px solid #FCFCFC;

    -moz-box-shadow:0 1px 1px #333333;
    -webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 1px #333333;
    box-shadow:0 1px 1px #333333;

nav ul li{

nav ul li a,
nav ul li a:visited{
    margin:5px 2px;
    padding:7px 10px 4px;
    text-shadow:0 1px 1px white;

nav ul li a:hover{

nav, article, nav ul li a,figure{
    /* Applying CSS3 rounded corners: */
/* Article styles: */

    margin:0 auto;

    margin:3em 0;

    text-shadow:0 2px 0 black;

    border:3px solid #142830;

    -moz-box-shadow:0 0 2px #4D7788;
    -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 2px #4D7788;
    box-shadow:0 0 2px #4D7788;

figure img{

/* Footer styling: */


footer p{

footer a,footer a:visited{
    padding:2px 4px;

footer a:hover{



footer a.up{







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android reading inbox and sent box sms and reading call details

for sent sms : private static final int TYPE_INCOMING_MESSAGE = 2;

for recieved sms : private static final int TYPE_INCOMING_MESSAGE = 1;

package com.example.inboxlistproject;

import java.lang.ref.WeakReference;
import java.util.ArrayList;

import android.content.DialogInterface;
import android.content.DialogInterface.OnCancelListener;
import android.database.Cursor;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.os.Handler;
import android.util.Log;
import android.widget.ListView;
import java.text.DateFormat;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Calendar;

public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    private static final int TYPE_INCOMING_MESSAGE = 2;
    private ListView messageList;
    private MessageListAdapter messageListAdapter;
    private ArrayList<Message> recordsStored;
    private ArrayList<Message> listInboxMessages;
    private ProgressDialog progressDialogInbox;
    private CustomHandler customHandler;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


    public void onResume() {

    private void initViews() {
        customHandler = new CustomHandler(this);
        progressDialogInbox = new ProgressDialog(this);

        recordsStored = new ArrayList<Message>();

        messageList = (ListView) findViewById(;

    public void populateMessageList() {

        messageListAdapter = new MessageListAdapter(this,
                R.layout.message_list_item, recordsStored);

    private void showProgressDialog(String message) {

    private void fetchInboxMessages() {
        if (listInboxMessages == null) {
            showProgressDialog("Fetching Inbox Messages...");
        } else {
            // messageType = TYPE_INCOMING_MESSAGE;
            recordsStored = listInboxMessages;

    public class FetchMessageThread extends Thread {

        public int tag = -1;

        public FetchMessageThread(int tag) {
            this.tag = tag;

        public void run() {

            recordsStored = fetchInboxSms(TYPE_INCOMING_MESSAGE);
            listInboxMessages = recordsStored;



    public ArrayList<Message> fetchInboxSms(int type) {
        ArrayList<Message> smsInbox = new ArrayList<Message>();

        Uri uriSms = Uri.parse("content://sms");

        Cursor cursor = this.getContentResolver()
                        new String[] { "_id", "address", "date", "body",
                                "type", "read" }, "type=" + type, null,
                        "date" + " COLLATE LOCALIZED ASC");
        if (cursor != null) {
            if (cursor.getCount() > 0) {

                do {
                    String date =  cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex("date"));
                    Long timestamp = Long.parseLong(date);    
                    Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
                    DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.SSS");
                    Message message = new Message();
                    message.messageNumber = cursor.getString(cursor
                    message.messageContent = cursor.getString(cursor
                    message.messageDate = formatter.format(calendar.getTime());
                } while (cursor.moveToPrevious());

        return smsInbox;


    private FetchMessageThread fetchMessageThread;

    private int currentCount = 0;

    public synchronized void startThread() {

        if (fetchMessageThread == null) {
            fetchMessageThread = new FetchMessageThread(currentCount);

    public synchronized void stopThread() {
        if (fetchMessageThread != null) {
            Log.i("Cancel thread", "stop thread");
            FetchMessageThread moribund = fetchMessageThread;
            currentCount = fetchMessageThread.tag == 0 ? 1 : 0;
            fetchMessageThread = null;

    static class CustomHandler extends Handler {
        private final WeakReference<MainActivity> activityHolder;

        CustomHandler(MainActivity inboxListActivity) {
            activityHolder = new WeakReference<MainActivity>(inboxListActivity);

        public void handleMessage(android.os.Message msg) {

            MainActivity inboxListActivity = activityHolder.get();
            if (inboxListActivity.fetchMessageThread != null
                    && inboxListActivity.currentCount == inboxListActivity.fetchMessageThread.tag) {
                Log.i("received result", "received result");
                inboxListActivity.fetchMessageThread = null;


    private OnCancelListener dialogCancelListener = new OnCancelListener() {

        public void onCancel(DialogInterface dialog) {



fetchInboxSms function for reading call details :

public ArrayList<Message> fetchInboxSms(int type) {
        ArrayList<Message> smsInbox = new ArrayList<Message>();

        Cursor managedCursor = this.getContentResolver().query( CallLog.Calls.CONTENT_URI,null, null,null, null);
        int number = managedCursor.getColumnIndex( CallLog.Calls.NUMBER );
        int type1 = managedCursor.getColumnIndex( CallLog.Calls.TYPE );
        int date = managedCursor.getColumnIndex( CallLog.Calls.DATE);
        int duration = managedCursor.getColumnIndex( CallLog.Calls.DURATION);
        while ( managedCursor.moveToNext() ) {
            String phNumber = managedCursor.getString( number );
            String callType = managedCursor.getString( type1 );
            String callDate = managedCursor.getString( date );
            Date callDayTime = new Date(Long.valueOf(callDate));
            String callDuration = managedCursor.getString( duration );
            String dir = null;
            int dircode = Integer.parseInt( callType );
            switch( dircode ) {
            case CallLog.Calls.OUTGOING_TYPE:
                dir = "OUTGOING";

            case CallLog.Calls.INCOMING_TYPE:
                dir = "INCOMING";

            case CallLog.Calls.MISSED_TYPE:
                dir = "MISSED";
            Message message = new Message();
            message.messageNumber = phNumber;
            message.messageContent = dir;
            message.messageDate = callDayTime.toString();
        return smsInbox;


package com.example.inboxlistproject;

import java.util.ArrayList;

import android.content.Context;
import android.view.LayoutInflater;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.ArrayAdapter;
import android.widget.TextView;

public class MessageListAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Message> {
    private Context ctx;
    public ArrayList<Message> messageListArray;
    public MessageListAdapter(Context context, int textViewResourceId,
            ArrayList<Message> messageListArray) {
        super(context, textViewResourceId);
        this.messageListArray = messageListArray;
        this.ctx = context;

    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
        Holder holder;
        View convertView1 = convertView;
        if (convertView1 == null) {
            holder = new Holder();
            LayoutInflater vi = (LayoutInflater) ctx
            convertView1 = vi.inflate(R.layout.message_list_item, null);
            holder.messageTo = (TextView) convertView1.findViewById(;
            holder.messageDate = (TextView) convertView1.findViewById(;
            holder.messageContent = (TextView) convertView1.findViewById(;
        } else {
            holder = (Holder) convertView1.getTag();
        Message message = getItem(position);

        holder.messageTo.setText(message.messageNumber +" : ");
        holder.messageDate.setText(message.messageDate +" : ");


        return convertView1;

    public int getCount() {
        return messageListArray.size();

    public Message getItem(int position) {
        return messageListArray.get(position);

    public void setArrayList(ArrayList<Message> messageList) {
        this.messageListArray = messageList;

    private class Holder {
        public TextView messageTo, messageContent,messageDate;


package com.example.inboxlistproject;

public class Message {
    public String messageNumber, messageContent,messageDate;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:layout_height="fill_parent" >

        android:text="Inbox Messages"
        android:textSize="14sp" />

        android:listSelector="@android:color/transparent" />



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:orientation="horizontal" >

        android:textStyle="bold" />
        android:textStyle="bold" />

        android:textStyle="bold" />



<manifest xmlns:android=""
    android:versionName="1.0" >

        android:targetSdkVersion="15" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" />

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SEND_SMS" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_SMS" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_SMS" />

        android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >
            android:label="@string/title_activity_main" >
                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />



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allen carr book

thanks to allen..


The Worst Nicotine Addict I Have Yet to Meet

  • There are only two reasons for failure with my method:

Fear in quitting:


  • Of Intermediate period of misery , deprivation,unsatisfied craving
  • Meal and social occasion will not be enjoyable…
  • Never able to concentrate , handle stress..or be as confident
  • Personality will change
  • We will never be free completely
  • Not right time to give up ..
  • Created by nicotine trap..


The easy method :

  • Why are we smokin?
  • Why difficulty in logical method?
  • The real problem is when you have one ciggarette in weak or storng momet or inebriated moment, because it is drug addiction you then want another..
  • All reasons of smoking make it harder because
  • 1. Sense of sacrifice
  • 2. They create the blind we don’t smoke for the reason..
  • Ask your self?
  • 1.What is it doing for me ?2 do I actually enjoy it ?
  • I really need to go throught life paying through the nose just to stick these things in my mouth and suffocate my self ..?
  • The beautiful truth is that it does abosolutely nothing for you atall
  • In fact you will realize that there is nothing to give up but there are marvelous , positive gains from being non smoker .., health , money
  • Once illusion that life will never be quite enjoyable is removed , once you realize that lifewill me more enjoyable..
  • Once the feeling of being deprived or of missing out are eradicted , then we can go back reconsider health and money and dozen of other reasons..
  • These realization will become positive additional aids to help you achieve to enjoy the whole of your life free from slavery of the weed ..

Why it is difficult to stop:

  • Problem is in explaining why it is diffcult to stop..
  • Infact problem is in explaining why anybody does it all ..
  • We can not beilieve that they are not enjoying cigg. Because 60% population does it ..
  • It is nicotine addiction..
  • They believe they are giving up a genuine pleasure or crutch .it is absolutely necessary to understand that you are giving up nothing what so ever.

4 The Sinister Trap


5 Why Do We Carry on Smoking?


6 Nicotine Addiction


  • There is no physical pain in the withdrawal from nicotine. It is merely an empty, restless feeling, the feeling of something missing, which is why many smokers think it is something to do with their hands. If it is prolonged, the smoker becomes nervous, insecure, agitated, lacking in confidence and irritable. It is like hunger – for a poison, NICOTINE,
  • It is a chain for life -UNLESS YOU BREAK IT.
  • Comparision with eating..
  • The only reason any smoker lights a cigarette is to try to end the empty, insecure feeling that the previous cigarette created.
  • Body say during first ciggrette .: ‘YOU ARE FEEDING ME POISON. STOP DOING IT:
  • Most smokers go all night without a cigarette. The withdrawal pangs do not even wake them up.


7 Brainwashing and the Sleeping Partner

  • Tv actors , tv adds , all these are tobococo companies brain washing ..
  • You need to start building resistance to this brainwashing . e..g buying second hand car , not believing , it neither reilieve bordeom nor give courage , all is illusions ..
  • We are going to start removing this brainwashing now. From this point on, no longer will we refer to ‘giving up’, but to stopping, quitting or the true position: ESCAPING!
  • The only thing that persuades us to smoke in the first place is all the other people doing it.

8 Relieving Withdrawal Pangs


  • As I explained earlier, smokers think they smoke for enjoyment, relaxation or some sort of boost. In fact, this an illusion. The actual reason is the relief of withdrawal pangs.
  • As already stated, smokers tend to relieve their withdrawal pangs at times of stress, boredom, concentration, relaxation or a combination of these.

9 Stress


  • E.g o f telephone call..
  • By the time the smoker reaches the stage at which it is killing him, he believes the cigarette is his courage and cannot face life without it.
  • Get it clear in your head that the cigarette is not relieving your nerves; it is slowly but steadily destroying them. One of the great gains of breaking the habit is the return of your confidence and self-assurance.

10 Boredom

  • The truth is that cigarettes tend to increase boredom indirectly because they make you feel lethargic, and instead of undertaking some energetic activity smokers tend to lounge around, bored,relieving their withdrawal pangs.

11 Concentration


  • Cigarettes do not help concentration. They help to ruin it because after a while, even while smoking a cigarette, the smoker’s withdrawal pangs cease to be completely relieved. The smoker then increases his intake, and the problem then increases.
  • Concentration is also affected adversely for another reason. The progressive blocking up of thearteries and veins with poisons starves the brain of oxygen. In fact, your concentration and inspiration will be greatly improved as this process is reversed.
  • If you believe that smoking is a genuine aid to concentration, then worrying about it will guarantee that you won’t be able to concentrate. It’s the doubting, not the physical withdrawal pangs, that causes the problem.


12 Relaxations

  • The truth is that the nicotine addict(the most unrelaxed person) can never be completely relaxed, and as you go through life it gets worse,


13 Combination Cigarettes

  • e.g. social functions, parties, weddings, meals in restaurants.(stressful and relaxing)
  • driving: leaving a tense situation like vising to doctor àrelaxing,driving àstress
    • while driving àconcentrate..,traffic jam àboring
    • cards: game àconcentrate ,if you are loosing àstressful, if not getting good hands à boring
      • while all this is going , you are suppose to be relaxing ..
      • chain smoking
      • These combination cigarettes are often special ones, the ones that we think we’ll miss most when we are contemplating stopping smoking. We think that life will never be quite as enjoyable again. In fact, it is the same principle at work: these cigarettes simply provide relief from withdrawal pangs,and at certain times we have greater need to relieve them than at others.
      • Let us make it quite clear. It is not the cigarette that is special; it is the occasion. Once we have removed the need for the cigarette, such occasions will become more enjoyable and the stressful situations less stressful.

      14 What am I Giving Up?

      • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The thing that makes it difficult for us to give up is fear. The fear that we are being deprived of our pleasure or prop. The fear that certain pleasant situations will never be quite the same again. The fear of being unable to cope with stressful situations.
      • Get it clear in your mind: CIGARETTES DO NOT FILL A VOID. THEY CREATE IT!
      • Cigarettes do not improve meals. They ruin them.
      • E.g. of sore and ointment..
      • The sore is what makes us close our minds to all these things. It’s that panic feeling(fear) of ‘I want a cigarette.’

      15 Self-imposed Slavery

      16 I’ll Save £x a Week

      • During the withdrawal period you may be tempted to have just one final cigarette. It will help you to resist the temptation if you remind yourself it will cost you £10,000 (or whatever your estimate is)!

      17 Health

      • This is the area where the brainwashing is the greatest. Smokers think they are aware of The health risks. They are not.
      • Smokers cannot allow themselves to think of the health risks. If they do, even the illusion of enjoying the ‘habit’ goes.


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my first app in android


package com.example.myfirstapp;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.content.DialogInterface;
import android.view.Menu;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.Toast;
import android.util.Log;
import android.content.Intent;

public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    String tag = "Lifecycle";
    CharSequence[] items = { "Google", "Apple", "Microsoft" };
    boolean[] itemsChecked = new boolean [items.length];
    ProgressDialog progressDialog;
    int request_Code = 1;
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
        // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present.
        getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
        return true;
    public void onStart()
        Log.d(tag, "In the onStart() event");
    public void onRestart()
        Log.d(tag, "In the onRestart() event");
    public void onResume()
        Log.d(tag, "In the onResume() event");
    public void onPause()
        Log.d(tag, "In the onPause() event");

    public void onClick(View v) {
    public void onClick2(View v) {
        //---show the dialog---
        final ProgressDialog dialog =
                this, "Doing something", "Please wait...", true);
        new Thread(new Runnable(){
            public void run(){
                try {
                    //---simulate doing something lengthy---
                    //---dismiss the dialog---
                } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    public void onClick3(View v) {
        new Thread(new Runnable(){
            public void run(){
                for (int i=1; i<=15; i++) {
                    try {
                        //---simulate doing something lengthy---
                        //---update the dialog---
                    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    public void onClick4(View view) {
        startActivityForResult(new Intent("com.example.myfirstapp.SecondActivity"),request_Code);
    public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data)
        if (requestCode == request_Code) {
            if (resultCode == RESULT_OK) {
                Toast.makeText(this, Integer.toString(
                        data.getIntExtra("age3", 0)),
                //---get the result using getData()---
                Toast.makeText(this, data.getData().toString(),
    public void onClick5(View view) {
        Intent i = new
        //---use putExtra() to add new name/value pairs---
        i.putExtra("str1", "This is a string");
        i.putExtra("age1", 25);
        //---use a Bundle object to add new name/values
        // pairs---
        Bundle extras = new Bundle();
        extras.putString("str2", "This is another string");
        extras.putInt("age2", 35);
        //---attach the Bundle object to the Intent object---
        //---start the activity to get a result back---
        startActivityForResult(i, 1);
    protected Dialog onCreateDialog(int id) {
        switch (id) {
        case 0:
            return new AlertDialog.Builder(this)
            .setTitle("This is a dialog with some simple text...")
                    new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton)
                            "OK clicked!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                            new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                        public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton)
                                    "Cancel clicked!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                            .setMultiChoiceItems(items, itemsChecked,
                                    new DialogInterface.OnMultiChoiceClickListener() {
                                public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog,
                                        int which, boolean isChecked) {
                                            items[which] + (isChecked ? " checked!":" unchecked!"),
        case 1:
            progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(this);
            progressDialog.setTitle("Downloading files...");
            progressDialog.setButton(DialogInterface.BUTTON_POSITIVE, "OK",
                    new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog,
                        int whichButton){
                            "OK clicked!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
            progressDialog.setButton(DialogInterface.BUTTON_NEGATIVE, "Cancel",
                    new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog,
                        int whichButton)
                            "Cancel clicked!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
            return progressDialog;
        return null;


package com.example.myfirstapp;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.EditText;
import android.widget.Toast;
public class SecondActivity extends Activity{
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        //---get the data passed in using getStringExtra()---
        //---get the data passed in using getIntExtra()---
        getIntent().getIntExtra("age1", 0)),
        //---get the Bundle object passed in---
        Bundle bundle = getIntent().getExtras();
        //---get the data using the getString()---
        Toast.makeText(this, bundle.getString("str2"),
        //---get the data using the getInt() method---

    public void onClick(View view) {
        Intent data = new Intent();
        //---get the EditText view---
        EditText txt_username =
        (EditText) findViewById(;
        //---set the data to pass back---
        setResult(RESULT_OK, data);
        //---closes the activity---
    public void onClick2(View view) {
        //---use an Intent object to return data---
        Intent i = new Intent();
        //---use the putExtra() method to return some
        // value---
        i.putExtra("age3", 45);
        //---use the setData() method to return some value---
        "Something passed back to main activity"));
        //---set the result with OK and the Intent object---
        setResult(RESULT_OK, i);
        //---destroy the current activity---


<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:orientation="vertical" >

        android:text="@string/hello_world" />

        android:text="Click to display a dialog" />

        android:text="Click to display a progress dialog" />

        android:text="Click to display a detailed progress dialog" />

        android:text="Display second activity" />



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
android:orientation="vertical" >
android:text="This is the Second Activity!" />
android:text="Please enter your name" />
android:layout_height="wrap_content" />
android:text="OK click to return to main activity"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
    android:versionName="1.0" >

        android:targetSdkVersion="17" />

        android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >
            android:label="@string/app_name" >
                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
        <activity android:label="Second Activity" android:name="com.example.myfirstapp.SecondActivity" >
            <intent-filter >
            <action android:name="com.example.myfirstapp.MainActivity" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />


thanks to this book & my dear friend dharma for providing me book and having confidence in me

Android™ 4 Application Development
Wei-Meng Lee

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cooking dal, rice ,pao bhai, malai kofta , kabuli ,khichdi




  • 0.5 katori =2member
  • Wash the dal
  • 2.5 katori pani
  • Tomato dalo ?
  • Salt 0.5 spoon, haldi 0.25 spoon, mirchi 0.25 spoon
  • Dhaniya 0.5 spoon (jyada to kathi)
  • Boil (thodi dal he to jyada sithi) 6 siti
  • Math lo
  • Chamka tawe par
  • 2 tea spoon ghee
  • Jira hing raya
  • 0.25 spoon mirchi (pani jalega nahi)
  • 4-5 dana nibu sath
  • 0.5 sambhar masala
  • 1 spoon salt or taste accordingly
  • Podina , dhaniya upar se


  • 0.75 katori rice =2member
  • Dhoke bhigo diya (15 -20 min)
  • 0.25 spoon namak
  • Bhagole bhar ke rakh do 5 minute

Fruit Cream


  • Cream +fruit+cream+sugar  mix
  • Gulab jal + kaju



  • 2 katori suji
  • 1.5 katroi dahi (dahi khatta nahi ho to nibu ka sath)
  • 1 spoon namak
  • 1 tipri oil ghol mein
  • 10-15 rakhte he , suji bhig jati he ..
  • pani in italy sancha
  • Plate pe oil lagaya
  • 1 spoon eno in ghol
  • Plate ko garm karo taki niche se chipkega nahi..
  • Eno dalte hi dalna hota he , isliye plate phele se garm rakho..
  • Dakkan dedo 15-20
  • Chaku dal ke check kar lo (kachra dust bin me dalo)
  • Fry pan
  • 3.5 spoon oil
  • Dhaniya chota katon kaichi se
  • Rai, jira , hingh
  • Mirchi katon aur dal do
  • Thodi sugar (hari ki hari)

Dhaniya chatni


  • Daniya chuton
  • Daniya dholo (2-3 bar)
  • 1 tamatar katon dalo
  • 0.25 spoon salt taste
  • Hingh
  • Amchoor
  • 0.5 mirchi kat ke dal do
  • Thoda pani dal do
  • Mixi chalo
  • Taste (amchoor for khatai, jira , namak, garm masala thoda sa)
  • Nikal lo katori mein , pani daal ke hila do , grinder
  • Mixi andar rakh do

Pao Bhaji


  • 4 patotao boil + water in cooker 5 siti…
  • Can make by loki and kakri +pata gobhi if not potato and onion..
  • Cut phool gobhi choti choti..
  • 3 spoon oil in fry pan + Hing jiRA (RAI only in sabji)
  • 5 tamater + salt (jaldi pakti he )
  • Gobhi + 5-10 min
  • Pani if less water
  • Onion 1.5 pc
  • Aloo chilo , mess karo , dal do
  • 0.5 namak, 0.5 red powder + dhaniya 1 spoon
  • Haldi 0.25 , pao bhaji masala 1.75 spoon
  • Nibhu 0.5 or amchoor 0.25 spoon
  • Taste 1.25 spoon pao bhaji masala
  • 0.5 salt
  • 0.5 spoon mirch
  • 0.25 spoon amchoor
  • Dhaniya daal do ..

Mix Vegegtable and kabuli

  • Veg fry:
  • 0.5 bucket oil
  • Aloo, gobhi, bread alag -2
  • Dahi tamatar pury
  • 2 tamatar katane , dahi 0.5 katori
  • Namak 0.5 spoon, mirchi 0.75 spoon, haldi 0.5 spoon, dhana 2 spoon
  • Fry:
  • Oil 4 tipari
  • Jira hing
  • Dahi pury, matar
  • Wait for matar to sinzna
  • Pyaz
  • Kabuli chwal:
  • Chawal in plate : thoda garam masala, safed kali mirch powder, jal jira
  • Apple or other fruit bhi dal sakte he , upar se dhaniya katke
  • Namak nimbu (agar phele nahi dala toh), garam ho toh thodi der wait karo (bartan dho do)
  • Bhagole mein thodi sabji dal ke , tamatar + bread ke tukde+ chwal
  • Fir bhagole mein dhanda dudh dalo..

malai kofta

  • Two aloo boil : 5 siti
  • Cholo , mess karo , mirchi dhaniya
  • Garam masala ,kali mirch ,namak 0.5 spoon masale mein dalo .. thodi lal mirch..
  • Roll bana lo, agar oil mein dalne se bikhre toh thoda aata or corn flour + pani = patla ghol
  • Usme dip karke fir oil mein dalon
  • Dhimi aanch mein fry karo taki roll andar se fry ho jaye kacha nahi rahe ..
  • Sabji :
  • Oil
  • Hing + jira
  • Laung ek , kali mirch ek , khushbu ke liye
  • Onion , tamatar , malai 0.25 pyala , agar malai kam ho toh dahi dal do ..
  • Namak 0.5 , mirchi 0.25 , haldi 0.125 , dhaniya 1-1.5
  • Mix karo ..
  • Bich mein gas band kardo gol banane mein time lage toh ..
  • 1 spoon giri ka burada..
  • 2 kaju piece ke dalao (shai 🙂
  • Malai ko ache se pakaye
  • Dhaniya mirchi decoration upar se ..


  •  3 aloo , 3 pyaz , matar thode ,
  • Chawal dhoke bhinjo ke rakho à 10 min (jyada bhigone se gal jate he )(naye chawal ka bhi funda hota he )
  • 4 spoon tipri oil cooker mein ..
  • Jira hing
  • Aloo fry karo
  • 1.5 spoon mirchi,0.5  haldi , 1.25  dhaniya
  • 1.5 katori chawal toh 3 kartori pani , koi bhi khichdi mein .. gatte, pata gobhi..
  • Chawal daal do
  • Thoda nimbu ka sat , kyun ki nimbu daal diya , isses chawal khule rehte he ..
  • Nimbu aadha nicho ke band kar do (ukala aane ke baad)
  • Ek siti se phele hi nikal diya siti khol ke ..
  • Aloo check kiya gale ya nahi
  • Pyaz , tamatar dala,
  • Taste kiya , namak mirchi , khatai
  • Piche se masale dal te he toh chawal tutane ka dar rehta he
  • Dhaniya upar se decoration ..



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reading of soap xml response by xpath

xml response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="">
   <SOAP-ENV:Body SOAP-ENC:encodingStyle="">
      <NS1:IsWorkingResponse xmlns:NS1="urn:MobileCommIntf-IMobileComm">
         <return xsi:type="xsd:boolean">true</return>

php code :

$xml = simplexml_load_string($output);

$xml->registerXPathNamespace('SOAP-ENV', '');
$xml->registerXPathNamespace('NS', 'urn:MobileCommIntf-IMobileComm');
$nodes = $xml->xpath('//SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/NS:IsWorkingResponse/return');


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brahma kumaris lectures

Thanks to brahma kumaris

Self Management

  • I am the creator of my thought and my feelings.
  • It is my first responsibility to keep my self happy .
  • After every hour make rest and feel happy One Minute.

Self Respect

  • Koi aapke sath bura kare par aap uske sath ache rahe , yehi aapka self respect he.


  • Relation with self
  • Thoughts moves either of past or future , we should remain in present and enjoy the present ,this will give you proper listening then relations will better.
  • To experience peace , love ,happiness , if you will give happiness it will flow to you.
  • -ivity create kar rahe he to –viity hi milegi.
  • Relationship is never for getting .
  • How I c u ?
  • When I seat with you I feel good , I am creating energy and transmitting and getting my self ,I feel good.
  • Relationship means giving .
  • We think what are we getting out of relationship .
  • Pain ,peace love sab hum create karte he
  • Relation ->perception mein depend karta he àperception depend on thoughts..
  • Judgemental nahi hona he ..
  • Acceptance doesn’t mean I agree with you
  • If I say that it is wrong if I agree that u r different


  • Make relation with your soul. Which is peaceful, truthful, and happy being.
  • Ajar amar avinashi he .
  • Mind is only able to explain man.
  • In morning fill soul with good thoughts.
  • Ingredients word +action->>hurt, happiness
  • Energy first field
  • Emotional health <->physical health
  • Emotional health->care àimunity
  • Reaction chup rehna ->> no creation of negative energy
  • Mein chup rahoon ki mein change ho jaoon , anger create nahi karna he
  • Cabbard khul gaya , bahut sarapuranan bol dete he , rakhte samay dhyan rakho ,
  • Kisi situation mein dard ho gaya to maine cabbard mein rakh diya , meri responsibility he ki mujhe apni peace banana he ..
  • Cabbard mein rakhna hi nahi he ..
  • I don’t know how to heal my self ..
  • Frustration unki apni he par who mere pe nikal rahe he mujhe dhyan rakhna he ki mujhe shant rahna he , mujhe hurt nahi hona he …
  • Storm build up ready à take care of your self ..
  • Stop all thought and practice positive thoughts
  • Gadi ke brake check karte he , fast chalti he  to check karte he , accident time mein check karte he to , shayad na lage toh ..
  • I am positive being , I am peaceful powerful being, muje apna dhyan rakhna he ..
  • Fir to kisi aur ki madad bhi kar sakunga ..
  • You have to be that person (stop situation) because we love your self ..
  • Aeroplane mein oxygen mask , sabse phelee apne aapko lagana he ..
  • Every scene has the energy..
  • Dialogue agar aap stable honge to apni bahut sari energy bacha lenge , toh bahut kaam ayengi (be happy ,peaceful , positive)
  • Situation ko handle karo ..

HappyNess Index:

  • Graph (should not depend on situations )
  • Mind programming à happiness
  • Equation of life set nahi he ..
  • My life depend on situation on people , how healthy it is ?
  • My resistance power is less that’s why I get effected ..
  • She is not happy than how I can be happy..
  • People response reactions are very un predictable..
  • I was not prepared for the kind of weather , we need preparation for reactions and situations .
  • Mera inpredictable … handle your response …
  • Un predictable behavior he unka toh , self care , happiness index by materialistic things aapko comfort deti he , happiness nahi de sakti he ..
  • Happiness à jo aap thought create karte ho e.g.
  • Sadi achi he , sadi thik he , then thought create hota he , by that thought we create feeling by that feeling we create happiness ..
  • Means materialistic things aapko comfort de sakti he happiness nahi .. happiness aap khud create karte ho ..
  • Thought is structured , feeling is not structured ,
  • My happiness depened on the others , kya bolenge that is why I get bad feeling and I feel low.
  • Mein vo shakti hoon joh sara din ghar ka office ka har kaam karta he …
  • Meri quality kya he.?
  • I am powerful being , master of situation, master of state of mind.
  • Creator of my thoughts ,irrespective of situation I will create positive thoughts.
  • Mere sath koi kaisa vyavahar kare mera thoughts mein positive rakhoonga…
  • Mera sankalp sudh aur positive honga.
  • Engergy outàenergy in ..
  • Not take care of what is come in ..

Self abuse

  • Self implementing pain , emotional abuse
  • Hum apne aap ko kehte he ki unhone aisa kaha
  • Apne sath relation hi nahi he ..
  • Koi kehta he to hum use sach man lete he ..or apne aap ko blame karta hoon. Ya karti hoon..


  • Naukar mere samne kaise bol gaya?
  • I am not responsible for others happiness..
  • Truth is comfortable
  • Truth is feel peaceful
  • Happiness is natural ..
  • Happiness is unconditional..
  • Happiness is my creations..
  • Songs ,serials,may be ciggarette body ki addiction hoti he
  • Stimulate aayega , emotions create honge, harmons create honge..
    • Silent (stillness mind) hota he, no thoughts
    • Judgemental hone lagte he (serial mein match mein ) kya bola (stillness gone)
    • Charchter mein ghus jate he ,vo jo karte he  vo karte he
    • Then your creativity is over
    • Fully involve
    • Thoughts creation power gone
    • Anger pain hurt àclarity of thoughts
    • Alaram after every hour is important , it will keep you positive thoughts..
    • Hum man ko clear instruction nahi dete he , mann ko disciplane karo(right way of thinking)
    • Thoughtsàjob mein maja nahi hai (saale chutiye he),mba karna he (khushboo ke bhi natak he),mba ke baad bhi job me set haunga ya nahi…
    • Happiness àexcitement

Detach Observation

  • Sun rahe he , dekh rahe he , detach he , ab apne aap se pucho ki aapki responsibilty kya he
  • Subah apne upar kaam karte he , shaam ko for world ,peace donate ..
  • IIIrd Sunday of month :meditation of world peace ..
  • Rozmara ki bataon se budhi ko hatake apne upar lete he .
  • I am the powerful being, sankalp create karta he ..joh peace create karta he , peace is my nature ,peace ki vibration ki shakti mujhse nikal ke saare vishwa tak pahuchti he , its like laser beam , vishwa ki ek ek aatma tak pahuchti he ..


  • Soul power have become less that’s why we are not able to deal.
  • Small thing we make big thing. Sankalp bahut he hamare.
  • Aatma ka dard-àparmatma se samandh (pyar)
  • Sarir ka dard àdetachment se
  • Sanskar gun sath le jane he :journey of life

Professional cirisàgreed àsimplify

  • Isme spiritual power leke stable bano. Aur bhi stable ho jaonge.

Health Crisis

  • Dawa 5%, dua 45%, yog bandh 50%

Financial Crisis

  • Thoughts create (chinta ke )
  • Different log different tarike se sochte he …
  • Financial low iss situation mein bhi mujhe apna dhyan rakhna he aur apne ghar walo ka bhi dhyan rakhna he …
  • Thoughtsàfeeling àattitueàactionàhabit àpersonality
  • Market down he  business down he , sab kuch down he ..but when self is down then everything will get down..
  • Mann ka dhyan nahi rakha toh aur nuksan ho jayega , dhan ka toh hua hi he,mann ka bhi ho jayega..
  • Mann par , rishton par effect padega , who impact vapas nahi aayega , job vapas aa jayega…
  • In these situation some people parivar se dur ho gaye , aur koi najdik aa gaye….
  • Mann ka kaam hamesh khush rehna he , situation favourable he ya nahi ..
  • Every morning start talking to your self , if job of your brother goes , how will you talk to them,same way you talk to your self.
  • We get very harsh with our self in un favourable situations …
  • Stable rehna he..
  • Because I am powerful being ..
  • Get up in morning and seat with yourself two minute of talking to your self …
  • Two shopkeeper , both  running loss,
  • One create positive thoughts and one negative ..
  • If you as a client got to shopkeeper who as honesty power and energy ..
  • People will look for your emotional strength…


  • Thought process change karna he..
  • Logo se hatao mann ko dekho.. thoughts ko dekho.., this is my creation , dhokha , taklif mili who sab meri creations he , I choose to live in pain ..
  • I liberate my self from pain..
  • No one has power to hurt me , peace is my nature , this is creation of peace..
  • Stable rehna hein critical situations mein bhi ..
  • Happiness ß–>anger  , energy of anger goes out , it again come in ..
  • Mein sochta hoon mera divorce hoga , k hamesh half mind hi rahegi.., mein sochta k jyada husayari karegi, mere control ke bahar ho jayegi..
  •  40,000/day mostly are waste and negative thoughts.
  • Watch slowdown
  • Thoughts not stable àstable contented..
  • Glass bhara hua he , khali nahi hone dena he ..
  • Excitement hight stage =fear low stage
  • Both are bad you don’t be normal..
  • React ,response should be stable
  • Just one day I will not get unstable, I will be stable …
  • Thoughts ko conscious se create karne ka prayas karo ..
  • I creator of every thought , I have choice
  • I will be stable if I stable situation change
  • The person jo disturb kar raha he ,apne aap ko dekhe , unke bol ka prabhav mere man par prabhav nahi dal sakte.. I am the powerful being..
  • Whenever you react thinkthat I am responsible..
  • Action and reaction depends on information ,perception , Beilief , it affect the personality, we are blaming our  past,
  • Unconscious  level pe jo bhara hua he , who conscious pe lana hoga ..usse change karna hoga…
  • Duniya achi nahi he rishte ache nahi he , self responsibility is to change,
  • Let it go just like that .
  • Humein pata nahi hota ki humne dard ko pakda hua he , I am the creator of my thought and feeling , is thought ko bar bar yad karke
  • Dard will go deep, aisa koi belief he jo dard ke liye jimmadar he , toh check karo..
  • E.g. no pain no gain.. swasthya ka bata bimar hone pe chalta he ..
  • Dard se nikalne ka rasta dhundna he ..
  • Gyan in ànakaratmak baatein out ..
  • No person or event is responsible for my happiness ..
  • Khush reh kar goal ko achieve karna he ..
  • Happiness Is journey not destination..
  • Dependancy àpromotion , children marks ., husband appreciation .,thoughts create karte he ..
  • Mba karke job laga jaunga , ya business khul jayega , ya man pasand kaam mil jayega tab khush ho jaunga ,,thoughts create nahi karna he …
  • Humari sthati , happiness or pain ke liye koi jimmadar nahi he aur nahi hum kisi ki khushi or pain ke liye jimmadar nahi he ..
  • Even god can’t free me from my pain only I can free it by using knowledge , god can give powers for freeing knowledge ,
  • God mujhe power dena apne dard ko dur karne ki
  • That is why said god help them who help them selves..
  • Apni madad kaise karu.: peace love , happiness create karni he , pain create nahi karna he , understand , I am the creator of happiness , I am the destroyer of pain…
  • Practically , wake up with right thoughts , constantly everything will happen with stability ..
  • Children don’t listen..
  • Judgmental hone se humari bahut sakti nasht ho jati he ..
  • Baki saktiyon ka dhyan rakhte he :water electricity..
  • Khushi he usko waste nahi karna he ..
  • Criticise: 1-1 wastage of energy..
  • Judgemental à frustration
  • So uh loose your creativity..
  • Mere liye kya sahi he …
  • Expectation : not happen -> happiness index downà we got let down (hurt ,anger)
  • Mom and khushbu ki expectation he ki mein job karu , meri icha he ki mein mba karu , business karu..
  • Emotions create kari he sankalp ko thoughts feeling..
  • Stimulus àresponse (freedom to choose response) diff diff..
  • Couple àe.g. death 2 year old child
  • Mother accept kar liya
  • Father accept nahi kiya..
  • Response (boss to employee): 5min ok, 5 hour ok ,5 days ok..
  • Every body blame à BOSS
  • Put pain is created by him self because ur the creator ..
  • Past,present , future
  • We are already go into future thing
  • Meditation to control over thoughts, by thinking past and futurewhich is not in our control.
  • Mann disturb hoga,
  • Mann present mein hoga to stable hoga..
  • Past exp. Se sikhte he beilieif system
  • Unpleasant Past : choti baat , badi baat
  • I am revising whole past scene and creating emotions anger , hate..
  • We despoil our stabiility and deplite our energy..
  • We don’t learn , we actually despoiling my present my thoughts .
  • How I should respond?
  • Bring the focus to my self ..
  • Past create make past à present it will effect the future.
  • Forget the past totally then it will not be repeated..
  • If we talk about the past again, actually it is not the past , it will become present
  • My responsibility (destroy my pain àpast present)
  • Depth of my pain
  • Meditaions: bahut kuch pakad rakha tha situations, logo ka vyavahaar ,unke dwara diya dard bar bar smartiya me aata tha
  • Iss shan pratigya kara hun ki mein apne aap ko dard nahi deaounga, mere andar shakti he ,dard mujhe aur koi nahi deta mein khud create karta hoon,
  • Aaj apne aap ko yaad dilaye , apne mann ki sthathi hein humare hath mein hain , jo ab tak pakad raha tha ki unhone dard nahi diya , Let go
  • Om shanti: khud hi delete karna he ..
  • Who am I ?
  • I am the energy that make relationship and play roles..
  • Values and reasons ..
  • Future:
  • Fear of loosing job , property , family..
  • Dreaming personality , : if we go in future dream , we don’t live in present , so we waste our time and again we edeate the gain , create happiness every time,
  • Thoughts of series ,
  • Escaping from present by creating dreams ,
  • Create the thoughts of dreams : wastage of energy ..
  • worrying personality , Fear live in fear ,
  • Present go in pain , want to achieve something
  • We want happiness every time with stability
  • Happiness depends on the achievement (want to achieve something )
  • Love àdesire of love Time
  • Not to dream , live in present ..
  • Thoughts creates destiny..
  • Future à out of control thought
  • Fear ful, anticipating , waseful,
  • Goal àwithout getting depend on expectaionsàlive in present
  • Best moment à belief every thing will be fine …
  • Obstruction à situation
  • Create the thought , what actually in the way is actually the way..
  • E.g. Road driver à obstacle àopportunity
  • Nothing happens to me , it happens for me ..
  • Situations demands response..
  • Success is feeling beautiful , light, & stable , exchange of right energy..
  • I am already complete and no one can hurt me …
  • 1. Due to threat future we stop exchanging energy..
  • 2.Due to judgmental , bolne se phele hi idea conceive kar lete hein..
  • 3. Present behaviour ..

Depends on informations.

  • In morning absorption of power hightest ..
  • News paper – fear violence –ive in morning..
  • Word fit in consciousness ,leave with you whole day…
  • Sub conscious layer activated hein ,..
  • In night start reading something positive .. read it loudly ,… for removing thoughts…
  • Past

Past experience

  • If any past experience hain to clean it .., scan disk every day past experience , if you don’t scan disk then it will create pain again and again..
  • For stability padhe sune positive ..

Belief System..

  • Enviornment, learning , sanskar, it is like operating system..
  • Life is game ., kabhi khushi kabhi ghum,
  •  Manyatao ke aadhar par jeevan chalta he ..
  • Hum anubhav ko dekhte he , agar anubhav sahi nahi he to manyata ko check karo ..
  • Belief àthoughtsàdestiny..
  • Sab ka acha hoga..


Kam ,kahana , sona

  • Apne man ke prati responsibility
  • Man ki stati ko sahi rakhna meri responsibility he .
  • To feel happy ,peaceful, loveful.
  • Bacho ke prati :unko emotionally strong banana he .
  • Response to the situation.
  • In Any choice you make it is your responsibility to be happy in that choice.
  • Know that you are wrong:e.g. bribing to TT in train  , actually we don’t know that we are making the wrong choice e.g. moving to jodhpur from Bombay when khushboo is pregrnant.
  • Be Happy , be loveful(is to do),be peaceful, no self abuse
  • Hum responsibility doing ki to karte he par responsibility of being ko nahi nibha pate hain ,vo nibhani he …
  • Check your thoughts and feeling ,when you are gloomy.
  • Being is the core part , if being is better then doing will automatically better.
  • Ability to response to situation usspe work karna he , vo hi nahi he ..
  • Thoughts ki quality ko mein decide karta hun..
  • Response ko mujhe choose karna he..
  • Self responsibility ko cultivate karne ke liye ..
  • Ur the creator of feeling action perception,so reacting , stop creating feeling (any kind of irritation)
  • Acceptance (I am not taking my responsibility..)
  • Apne sath responsible rehna he , mujhe ache thoughts create karne he , achi feeling create karni he ..
  • To create peace , happiness and love in any situation,
  • By watching movies we create pain..
  • Self Awareness: what I have created that m not happy alone , no one is talking, I should be comfortable with the change,
  • Morning positive thougths and 1 hour positive thougths are very important..
  • My responsibility is to destroy the pain and create peace happiness and love.
  • If you say “I have no choice” your life goes from your hand.
  • Galti se bhi apne aap ko ye to nahi keh rahe ho ki I have no choice , yeh kehna jeevan ko khali kar deta he (hope less ) exercise your choice..
  • Choiceà nirnaya ki responsibility (self responsibilty rakhna he ..)
  • Honesty , work , lie , truth speak , corruption,
  • Self disciplane à values will make you stronger
  • Repurcursion will come to you ,
  • Choice ko bhi manage karna he ..

Manage all:

  1. Responsi bility: self
  2. Relationships :giving
  3. Roles
  4. Resources

Purpose and values

Goal and purpose.

  • My purpose of life is being not doing
  • Purpose is to create peace ,happiness and peace and love.
  • I am the peaceful soul
  • Relationships ko avoid kar rahae he , what is the haal of relationship with self.


Yeh jo mera hath he ,ankhe he by which I do work ,

  • who am I ?
  • where am I ?
  • why I am here ?
  • to feel love in every interaction ,
  • I am happy being, became the purpose of my life ,
  • Apne aap ko dekho mein aisa kyun hoon mein to ek shakti shali aatma hoon, fir shant , peaceful soul hoon, karm mujhe pakde hue he muje unse chutkara pana he ..
  • Healing , see your thoughts…
  • Anger pain rejection , -ve hurt.
  • Slow down karo gadi ko ..
  • Thougth right , feeling right , action right..
  • Positive thinking , meditaion is necessary to see your self ..
  • Mediation is to heal , is to do with soul (pranayam is to body)
  • Mantra jap karte he to naye sankalp nahi bante he ..
  • Mediationàattitude change..
  • Raj yoga mediation (swayam par raj karna ..)
  • Aatma ko charge karna heàbattery charge ànot by battery,by power source..
  • Meditaion is the relations
  • Ego àattachmeent to wrong imageor wrong beilief ..
  • About my self
  • Loose my identity àlost my image
  • Attachment àresisitance àfear (kahin ye choot na jaye)àpain
  • Let go attachment..
  • m

Positive thinking

  • Information ko filter kar lena he ..
  • Just like dict for mind and mann..
  • Mind is hard disk space…
  • Don’t put unnecessary files..
  • Don’t take so much information..
  • We are taking in name of entertainment not for learning..
  • Khana khate jate he , jitna khana hota he , utna hi khate he ..
  • Special interaction mein filtering jaruri he ..
  • Don’t ask about others life , it will disturb your life..
  • If take light weight diet is better , if we take heavy diet..
  • Newspaper tv me vo hi dekhe jo kaam ka he
  • Subah absorption power jyada hoti hein
  • Muje positive chaiye to positive dalo , negative mat dalo.
  • Subah bhagwan ka naam lena best hein, parmatma ke maha vakya suno
  • Lost effort karke positive bharo
  • Aap kalyankari baap ke kalyan kari bache hein ,

Self Management

  • Sankalp always start with thoughts which leat to feeling and attitutude according to situations and action according to attitude..(we see only action..) and leads  to destiny
  • My destiny is in my hand.. no one teach us how to think..
  • Situation , influences (job insecurirty ), enviornmnet media , will I able to create positive thoughts..
  • Self ko manage karna he .. we go in pain and then try to manage..
  • Bache ne kuch kar diya , I go out of control, then I try to control him
  • Practice detach observation, sakshi darshan, managing my self,
  • Detachment pause and step back, measure response..


  • Iss srasti natak rang manchpar hum sab actor apna role karte he ..
  • Aaj sara din mujhe ek smrati rakhni he mein actor hun , yeh mera role he , mujhe apna 100% dena he  powerful being if any situation come..
  • I am the master of the situation,
  • Situation choti hoti jati he..
  • I am the powerful being..
  • Paristhati meri rachna he ..
  • Scene àyou are going to stable
  • You are the powerful being..
  • Thoughts àdestiny
  • Start the day with positive..
  • After every hour break..
  • I am powerful being..


  • Situation àResponse (we normally Resist)
  • Fear deep routed..
  • Change.. fear of loose..
  • Current situation __authority toh nahi hogi…
  • Fear of loosing people,power,Prestige, Personality, Paisa..
  • Change ko resist(-ive energy) karte he
  • 1st accept yeh hona he..
  • E.g. river flowing Damn build create pressure..
  • I am the creator have choice..
  • How I accept why I accept
  • E.g. judo wresling ,1.embrace , 2. Assess power momentum..
  • E.g. two person fighting verbally if resist than hate will get created..
  • Full stop is acceptance..
  • Flow with river(situations), neither stop the river..


  • Know barrier
  • Who created the barrier
  • Remove the barrier
  • We feel disconnected in relationships is due to myself, it is due to past, present, future , hurt..
  • Past àjudgemental
  • Future àthreat
  • We created the thoughts ..
  • Self management à relations
  • Past experience àbelief à Perception
  • Where is my relationship
  • Energy throw , it will get back..
  • When we met anyone create thought that he is pure soul , everything is in my control..
  • Belief system as obstacle..:
  • e.g. 1. Fish in fish aquarium with glass and food
  • 2. elephant tied with rope in circus
  • I am body..
  • One choice you always have that how to feel (exercise it )
  • One day silent day
  • Morning mein silent mein thoughts check karo..
  • Check your attachmentàfearàresistanceàhurt pain..(insecurity)
  • Who am I ?
  • I am beautiful, complete , pure
  • My nature is peace , happiness , love, power , purity
  • Responsibility :khush rehna , khushi dusro ko transmit karna…
  • Attachmentàfear àresistanceàhurt
  • Position let go ur attachment
  • Profession identity ko hi apna
  • Lot of attachement he à object peoples , positions
  • Use these attachement without attaching to them..
  • My happiness is not dependent , I am still complete..
  • I am attach to my idea(beilief) that I will be successfulàhurt àvalue
  • Kisi ne mujhe hurt kiya to uske piche kya fear tha pehchanana he ..
  • E.g  circus: we have to let go one thing and catch another thing..
  • Comfortable ve he , physically , internally sakalpo ko dekhe..
  • What thought crossing my mind..
  • Aane do , no pressure , natural..
  • Thoughts ki speed slow hogi…
  • Aaj sham ki ,kal ki, agale saal ki , imp he
  • Abhi kaunsi imp he , that slow ho jati he ..
  • I am peaceful being , shakti he , creation he , mera swabhav he ..
  • 1 minute meditation,
  • I am master of body , conscious energy, creator of thought feeling, beautiful being ,powerful being, pure, independent absolute powerful…
  • Stress àPressure(Inner Strength)àStress àDepression
  • Mujhe strong banana he situation se change nahi hona he
  • Self management karna he ..
  • Mentally relax à no fear (no pain)à no attachment
  • Emotional stability createkarni he bacho mein
  • Being in present à meditation help
  • Energy fix àenergy leak ho jati he ..
  • Don’t creat fear thoughts
  • Coping skill (with pressure no one teach)
  • Releations based on thoughts is  feeling & relation it from soul to soul..


  • Don’t write other ones script,don’t waste ur energy in writing others script
  • Let every one be
  • Hum sare din bahuton ki script likhte he , kis usse aisa kehna chaiye tha , usse aisa karna chaiye tha,
  • Parmatma, place :shanti dham , mukti dham, swarg
  • Who is he ? ocean of love, purityàsign ,source of truth
  • Take power ,peace , purity
  • Mann aur budhi ke dwara pita ke paas ,naam prof. role
  • I am conscious power , shinning in center of forhead..
  • Chamakta sitara conscious,
  • Mein sarir ko chalati, aatama se sambandh anubhav,
  • Sakti, pure sole, dignity my nature
  • I c my self…
  • Masking god to change situation
  • These are due to karma
  • Mein iss sarir ke bahar , chand ko cross kar raha hoon, apne ghar pe aake pahucha hoon,ghar ko yaad karti thi, pita ko yaad karti thi,aaj din tak mein dhund raha tha,pavitrata ki kirane , saktiyan, mein unko apne sath bhar rahi hoon,


  • Irritation : jab time pe kaam nahi hota
  • Frustration : jab koi apne hisab se kaam nahi kare..
  • Raj(hightest power) yog (rista connection)
  • Role aaj he kal nahi , actor ka dhyan de ..
  • We are playing role , role can be finish tommorrow
  • Its just a game , drama,
  • Its just a scene…
  • Judgemental hone se bar –bar bahut energy waste hoti he ..aur ye bahut hi deep routed sanskar he ..
  • Sensitivity is necessary for creativiity , make balance with detachment..
  • Resources : mein ananad swaroop aatma hoon, mein shant swaroop aatma hoon, mein sakti swaroop aatma hoon.
  • Stimulus se creativity kam hoti he ..
  • Taking toward addiction àcreating perception(wrong )thought that I will be happy after stimulus.
  • Addiction will create fear ..
  • Use physical resources in right channel,
  • 1.physical energy, 2. Mental energy 3. Spirtual energy..
  • Dr. emotto effect of thoughts on water,
  • Dard mein bhojan nahi bannan he ..
  • Gandi coding ki hui hoti he to kaam karne me maja nahi aata he ,  kam maje ke liye nahi , countiniuity disciplane aur paise ke liye karna he ..
  • Impulseà mind and intellect stop working (ciggarette)
  • I have created the program of response
  • Coding system, beilief system,
  • Beilief & perception(true self got hidden)àthoughts and feeling à action àpersonality
  • Silence mein jake beilief perception ko change karna he , root se change karna he
  • Awakening the ruler within
  • Pahad jaisi baat ko rai banani he ..
  • Patience peace love..
  • Negaive, positive , weak and waste thoughts..
  • Ruling power, controling power
  • Hath ,paon àsthool (corporeal) saktiya (controlling power he )
  • Mann, mind ,sanskar àsuksham(subtle) saktiya  (controlling power  àcheck control ho usko swarajya adhikari kehlata he )
  • What to change , how to change..
  • Time , money ,resources,
  • When we loose control, 1st feeling of powerless,
  • Daily sharing with god..
  • Wrong belief ki gussa karna jaruri he ..
  • Mujhe acha nahi lagta ki mere se koi gussa hoke kaam karvaye,toh mujhe dusro ka bhi dhyan rakhna chaiye..
  • Leader vo jo stable rahe ..
  • Priority logo ko rakhta he kaam ko nahi chae wo parivar ho ya corporate..
  • Anger and authority:
  • I can be authoritative without anger..
  • Bacho ke sath quality time spend kare na ki physical object de
  • We have fixed our response on situations , we are not innovative..
  • I have choice that I create anger or not
  • Realisationàaccept kar lenge ki mere kaam ki chiz nahi he ..

Self esteem:

  • Parmatma he aur wo hame sikha raha he
  • This journey we have to complete,then why we don’t make it happily,
  • Relationshipàgiving
  • Start working on your self ..
  • When we get achievement, we get the feeling of achievement ,satisfaction..
  • Happiness àinner stability
  • Happiness he usse recognize , awareness ,maintain karna he ..
  • Sanskar àmannàsthool indriya..
  • My original nature is..
  •  peace , that’s why I need peace
  • One thoughts creates our destiny
  • Sunnana , padna, dekhna , kya kya nahi..
  • This is creating my personality àdestination
  • Past exp. Information , belief system(create the thoughts)àdestiny
  • Stress=pressure/resilience(inner strength)
  • Its not what you said , its what I create by what you have done..
  • I am the creator..
  • Response is not created by stimulus (BOSS)
  • Stimulus à(freedom to choose response) response
  • Tension is not natural
  • Self responsibility is to create peace happiness and love.
  • My worth is not dependent on my package..
  • What are we give to others , first we giving to ourself..
  • E.g. anger , hate , love , peace..
  • Catch thought àchange thoughtàself esteem will be higher ..
  • Self respect comes when we respect others …
  • Don’t think that mujhe anger create nahi karna ,jealous nahi create karni he ,-ve thoughts create nahi karnae he , sahi nahi he ..
  • Soul conscious ho jao..
  • I am peaceful soul…
  • Every energy we create for some one is transmitted to him, so create the positive energy, don’t create negative energy..
  • Situation is anything solution is stability..
  • E.g. child in other country say that everything is fine ..
  • Parent child relationships ..
  • Each thought is creating relationship
  • Hum bhi judgemental ho rahe he
  • Humne phone to ek baar kiya par bar bar thought create karte he ki uske paas time nahi he …
  • I am not changing , I am choosing the response..
  • Dard mein ho yadi uss samay usse kuch bhi nahi samjana chaiye , jab wohh normal ho tab samjana chaiye..
  • Communication build up karna hoga , right flow of energy…
  • Judgemental nahi hona he (criticism)
  • Pyar se bharpur kar le (meditation)
  • Argument se child par effect padta he aur usse uski complete life ,personality effect padti he ..
  • Child learn from us way to live
  • On negative place enviornment –vity creates automatically
  • If you are having negative enviornment in your house it imply that your child will be automatically weak..
  • Bache ko achi parvarish , educaiton life dena chate he , par achi emotional strength dena bhi jaruri he .
  • Bacho ko kamjor na samje unhe pure aatma samje, koi conflict ho to unse baat kare , fir samjaye ,kamjor samaj ke force na kare..
  • 2. Acceptance..
  • Emotional intelligence: forget & forgive
  • To forget someone is not from outside , it is also important to remove or thought sub conscious so when thoughts created in subconsious just create thought remove that , ur  pure being ,beautiful being , u don’t need that thought ..
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